Chapter 3

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Raini's POV

I woke up to the sound of my stupid phone going off. I looked only to find a group chat with all the boys, oh great.

Carter the Fav Asian 👲: When are y'all flying outtttt

Nashty 🚮: Don't worry bae, Hayes and I will be there tomorrow

PooBear 🐻: I do speak Nash

Nashty 🚮: Shut up Poo

Shawn 🎶: I get to see you guys for a day then leave 😭

Jack J 😎: Jack and I will be there tonight

Jacky Poo 😈: Yeah buddy

Mattasaurius 🐘: Why mom, do I have to come two days later?

Wilk😉: Too cool for you all, I'm getting there this afternoon

Jack J 😎: Sam, yah dumb hoe your coming with us

Raini ☔️: I wasn't trying to sleep or anything

Aaroni and Cheese 🍜: The princess has awoke

I turned off my phone so I didn't have to deal with the messages. I walked out to the kitchen where my uncle was cooking a delicious breakfast. I then headed to my room to change. I pulled out light-wash denim shorts with a peach tank top. I through my hair into a bun and grabbed my heeled boots. I was hanging out with my best friend, Savy.

"Hey girl!" Savy squealed as she hopped into my car.

"What's up buttercup?" I said. "Mall?" Savy screamed, "OMG yessssss!"

Just thinking about living with all those boys made me want to shoot myself in the foot. Sav and I shopped all day, trying to spend as little as possible. I figured I wanted to at least look cute when the boys were here. Unlike me, Savy was naturally gorgeous with her wavy, dark hair and perfect body. After shopping, we of course had to stop at Starbucks.

"Rain, is something bothering you?" Sav questioned.

"Yah, it's just Shawn is leaving and all those boys are coming! Why? Like really ughhh." I said. She just laughed and said, "Hey at least they are a little cute!" Obviously Savy was not fazed by my sitiaution.

We headed back to the apartment and fooled around with Shawn and Carter. We were now waiting for the devils, I mean boys to show up. I can't wait.

Authors Note: The boys will really come into play in the next chapter. I hope you guys don't hate the book.


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