"Shhh" Yourself!

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My Struggles #1: "Shhh" Yourself!

I'm incredibly close with my dad. I love him to death but there is one thing he does that drives me INSANE!!

He shushes me. ALL THE TIME!

I could be driving and asking him something and..."shhh".

I could be in the middle of a sentence and..."shhh".

Like no dad. I won't "shhh".

I'm a very talkative person and my dad is one of the people I enjoy talking with but he shushes.

It's the most annoying, aggravating, and disruptive noise ever. It sounds like a lisp and not even a subtle one.

Every time some one shushes some one else I'm like,

"Where's the snake?"

"There isn't one. I'm telling some one to shut up."

"Then tell them "shut up" don't be giving yourself a lisp!"

^^^^^^this kind of thing happens on a daily.

No one gets that "shhh" is just going to get you punched in the face. I mean don't get me wrong, we've all been in the "shhh" stage but most of us grow out of it.

I mean why say "shhh" when you can say,

"Please annoying, rude, and ignorant person. Shut up."

^^^^^^they'll be trying to process what you said and when they realize what you said they'll be quiet.

Don't shush people. It's annoying! Like WHY!?!? WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!?!? I mentally and emotionally cannot understand this.

My struggle is having to live with someone who shushes me. "Shhh" yourself!

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