Chapter 2

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"Gakupo!!!!!", I hurriedly said.

"What?", he asked clueless.

"You see, Lily-san gave this lotion to me. And I think this is very effective."


"Don't you see my smooth skin???", I told him.

"Ah yeah."

"It's made from coffee.", I told him.

I'd been using it for a week and the results were good. Some beauty products like this were itchy in my skin but not this one so I guess it's much effective.

"Why don't you try touching my skin?", I said and made his hand touchedmy arm.


"Yeah...", he said.

"See? It's effective. Want to try it?"


"But wait, I should be sure about this product more.", he suddenly said.


"Wait, don't move. I need to see its result more.", he said.


Then, he started on touching me.

He touched my chest, my tummy, my neck, and my back with gentle.

"S-see~", I said but... I guess it made me turned on...

"Yeah, I guess.", he answered and started to unbotton my polo.

"EEEHHHHH???!!!!! W-why????!", I asked him in shock.

"Of course, I want to see it with my eyes.", he said.

"D-do you really need??", I asked again but I just felt my body started to tremble.

GAGGGAAAWWWDDD!!!! What was I thinking??!!!! It's embarrassing to think that way... Gakupo just wanted to know the effects but I was being turned on...Perverted self... >///<


But Gakupo started on kissing my body.

O////O "W-WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!", I just squealed in shock.

"Why?", he asked while kissing my neck.

"W-why are you kissing me????", I asked.

"Of course, my hands won't check the good effects so I should use my lips.", he said.

"Eeehhh??!!!! R-really???"

"Yeah...", he said and started licking.

M-maybe it's more effective to check than by hands...




>///< B-but... it tickled more...

"Hnngg~~~", I just moaned. I was shocked."S-sorry!!!!!D-don't mind me!!!!!", I said in embarrassment.

He smirked."Oh~ Kaito hentai~~~", he teased.

"N-NOOOOO!!!!!", I immediately objected.

He chuckled.


But he started on licking my ear.

o-o "Umm... G-Gakupo...", I calld him out again.

"What?", he said and stopped.

"I didn't put any lotion there but why are you licking there???", I asked him.

“Oh~ I just thought. My bad~ Sorry.”, he said and stopped on licking it.

Phew~ Maybe he's just being carried away~




But in just a blink, he started on opening my pants.

“G-Gakupo!!!!!!!!!!! W-why??!!!!!!!!!!”, I asked again in shock. What’s this again???!!!!

“I’ll check this out if you put a lotion in this area.”, he said.




“I did not.”




We stared each other for a minute.

“Oh well, it’s a perfect time to make love with my Kaito.”, he said and pushed me down at the sofa. (Gakupo's true plan revealed.)

“YYYAAAAHHHHHHHHH?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G-Gakupo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I just screamed.

I just realized that he planned this from the start!!!!!!! (Kaito just figured it out. -_-") 

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