Chapter Four: Pretend its ok

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Im just gonna be using real names now because it getting annoying to put middle names

The day after I dyed my hair purple I started wearing heavy eyeliner and no one said anything about it but the at lunch I went home and fixed it because it was under my eyes making bags even more visible so I cleaned it it up and I was waking back to the school and Jordan fair he's a bully at school and he said "nice mascara job Payton." (Note the sarcasm) and I just looked at him and mumbled "leave me alone also its eyeliner." And glared at him and rolled my eyes and I went in to my locker and wrote on my little white board in my locker and I wrote " Pretend its ok even if nothing is" and I went and found my friend Michelle and we hung out for a little bit and the we had to go to classes I think we had tutorial but ya I sat in the back of the class room and played on my phone and drew and wrote and didnt want to talk to anyone so I put my ear buds in and played my music and was whispering the lyrics to where ever you are "torn in two and I know I shouldn't tell you but just can't stop thinking of you-u-u-u where ever you where ever you are every night I almost called you just to say it always will be you-u-u-u where ever you are" then it hit me the hicupps and i got told that if you get the hicupps some ones thinking about you I like him and he doesn't like me so I texted him "I miss you I miss the old you the new one sucks." he didn't respond but he got mad at me for sending him that because he got all moody after I sent that but I shrugged it off and walked home and looked through our 261 text messages and said what did I do to you it makes no sense to me I went to sleep *skip rest of night*

The next morning I got up got dressed exc. And then when to school and I went in the school and he was there and I was treating him like he treated me and he hated me and I said "now do you see how I felt when you treated me like that." And raised and eyebrow at him and he just glared and walked to class and I chuckled but after that I quit treating him like that but hes bing a jerk again gosh we both need help.

Sorry this kind of sucked but it late so good night.

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