To happiness & friendship (chapter 6)

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"you like what you see?" kian whispers in a husky voice into my ear. his muscular arms wrap around my waist as he tells me I look great. "hey wanna go swimming with us? I've got a extra girl bathing suit" he says laughing. "haha sure I guess." i say. I go into the bathroom , and change into the cute bikini kian gives me. i go back out by the pool & kian stares at me. "what's wrong?!" I look at him like he's crazy. I go up to him and whisper in his ear "im pretty sure you like what you see." I wink and walk over to one of the chairs. I take a spot next to ricky , and kian sits next to me. "it's so fucking hot guys, let's go in the water." I say. "last one in the pool sucks ass!" kian yells as he jumps into the pool.

"um you thought I was gunna jump" I say walking into the pool slowly. kian comes up to me an picks me up and is about to throw me in the water. "kian put me downnn!" i yell. "sorry aint gunna happen." Kian smirks an throws me into the water. "Kian I hope you know I'm going to get you back, watch your back." I say glaring. "ok sure you are katie". Kian says laughing. after about 3 hours of swimming it's like 8:00pm.

Trevor runs out side & says "hey guys wanna have a bonfire?" "sounds fun!" I squeal. "connor is gunna invite emma , and JC is gunna invite hannah, is there anyone you wanna invite?" trevor says. "well a few of my friends come to town tonight, I can see if they can come." I say.

I walk inside to go call them. "hey alex did you all just get here?" "yeah we got in about an hour ago, what's up?" she says. "don't freak but o2l says I can invite you to our bonfire, so you wanna come?" i say. "Holy shit yes!" I'll tell Luke & Calum , & Luke's gf madi! " she screams! "is that all you were calling about? we can leave soon." she says. "yep that's about it, oh bythewayimdatingkian." I say quickly. "what?" she says. "bythewayimdatingkian" I repeat. "OMGGG FINALLy" alex screams. "well I'll see you soon, text me the adress." alex says. "okay I love you bye." I say as we disconnect.

I walk back outside and I see connor, and his girlfriend emma making out intensly. "*cough* pda much." I say laughing. "oh sorry haha, katie this is emma, emma this is katie." connor says introducing us. "it's so nice to meet you katie, and by the way you are so gorgeous, kian is so lucky." emma says giving me a slight smile. "Awh thankyou , you are really pretty too." I say back.

"Oh my gosh a start to a great friendship" Connor yells! Me and emma start laughing. "Hey Katie your friends are here!" Kian yells. I walk inside and see alex , luke and Calum standing by the door. "I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH." I yell bringing them into a huge hug. "Kian, Sam, Ricky, Connor, Trevor, & JC , come here!" I yell. Ricky runs in the room and says "ooooh we have company, tadaa." Kian walks into the room , and looks at alex , and says "you must be alex, I think you are dating my friend , taylor caniff?" Alex looks weirded out & asks "yeah how did you know?" Kian smiles and says, "me and Taylor have been friends since we were like 10, he moved to New York just last month, to attend a special school."

"Wow small world" alex says. Sam walks down stairs and sees all of us standing there. "Oh hey guys, trevor said the bonfire is ready!" Sam says and walks outside. "Hi I'm luke and this is Calum, it's nice to meet you. Luke says shaking jc's hand. "You too, im Jason, but I go by jc." Jc says. "This is my girlfriend madi. " Luke says pointing to the shy girl next to him. "Hi madi , it's so nice to finally meet you, Luke has told me so much about you." I say smiling at her.

We all make our way to the kitchen to get out hot dogs and hamburgers for the grill & marshmallows for the bonfire. There is a knock on the door. Ricky yells "ILL GET IT DONT WORRY!" I peek my head to see who it was and it was someone I don't recognize. I walk towards her and ricky. "Hi I'm hannah" she says. " oh your jcs crush , I mean hi I'm katie, it's so nice to meet you." I say. "EVERYONE IS HERE LETS BONFIRE PEOPLE!" Trevor runs in an says.

"So who's excited for vidcon tomorrow?" Alex says. Trevor raises his hand and sings "meeeee" . We all agree and talk about random things. "So being as we all are happy , let's make a toast to happiness & new friendships" jc says. "Too happiness and new friendships" we all say insink. As the night goes on me and kian have our moments , and all of us are having a great time.

A few hours go on and I can tell I'm starting to get a little bit waisted I am also really tired. Kian asks if I wanna stay the night since I was in no condition to drive home. "Sure" I say as I fall asleep in his lap. Kian wakes me up to say goodbye to all of my friends. I say goodbye and tell them I'll keep in touch about tomorrow for VidCon. After they leave kian gives me some clothes to sleep in and a toothbrush. "Thanks kian, your the best." I say. Kian smiles and kisses me on the cheek. "The spare room is down the hall to the left." He says

I text my dad , and I change into the clothes, damn they smell good. I brush my teeth & then I find my way to the spare room. I try to get comfortable , and fall asleep but I can't.

After 25 minuets I get up and make my way to kians room. He is laying in his bed scrolling through Twitter. "I can't sleep can I lay with you?" I say. Kian scoots over and I cuddle up next to him. He tweets "had a great time tonight at our homemade bonfire." He tags all of us and shuts his phone off . I am almost asleep an i hear him whisper.." Where have you been all my life?" And he kisses my forhead and I fall deep into sleep.

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