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“Your girlfriend just texted me and ask if I'm okay. I don't even know what she's doing up at 5AM.”

“See, everyone's worried about you. Hurry up and get better.”

“I can't help that I'm sick, okay. It's your fault, I should be asking her if she's okay.”

“Leia's a strong girl. Plus she didn't really spend her entire life with me, unlike you.”

“Everyone has a breaking point, Wesley, no matter how strong people are. She cried for days.”

“As if you didn't.”

“That's what you get for up and leaving like that without telling anyone.”

“If I told anyone I wouldn't be able to leave, you'd all stop me.”

“And that's why we're all in pieces, you ass. We're all thinking about how we could have stopped you, but --”

Gil? Who are you talking to?”

“None of your business, John. Plus, ever heard about knocking? And respecting people's privacy? I don't care if you're older than me, you can't just barge inside my room like that.”

Is that pot? And...booze? Gil, stop doing this to yourself. I know it's hard okay, but don't do this. I swear, if you don't get rid of this by the time mom and dad wakes up they're going to freak.”

“Let them freak, I stopped caring a long time ago.”

Stop it, okay. You're going to kill yourself.”

“I think that's the end goal here, Johnny-boy.”

“Gil -”

“Can you just get the fuck out of my room? I promise this will all be gone tomorrow. I just want to be left alone. Please.”

I don't think it's safe to leave you on your own.”

“John, I swear I'll be fine if you just get out of my room. If you don't I'll just leave and find some other place to be alone.”

Alright, alright, just...you can talk to me whenever, okay?”

“Yeah yeah I know. Now get out.”


See Gil, even Johnny's worried.”

“Everyone worries about the sick guy.”

“You're not sick.”

“I think I am.”

“That's the first step, you know.”


“Acknowledging you need help."

“So why didn't you?”

...I don't know. Get some sleep, Gil.”

“I think I should try again.”

Yeah, you should.”

“Good morning, Wes.”

“Good morning, Gil."

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