Chapter 1

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Elizabeth's POV




Ughhhhh, I thought. What is that annoying sound? So much beeping, I can't sleep! Except it's funny because it sounds exactly like the complicated phone Mr. Grant gave me....


I bolted out of bed and sleepily stumbled/ran towards my walk-in closet. I opened one of my drawers with my gold key, which is always hanging around my neck. I pull out the outrageously loud phone and attempted to stop the beeping. "Why is this so freaking loud? I'm lucky you haven't woken the whole house up," I muttered.

After what seemed like a thousand attempts to stop the beeping, I finally managed to silence it and saw what all the fuss was about.

Grant: I hope you had a successful move Elizabeth.

All of this beeping for one message? I look at the time, 4:35 AM. Sheesh Grant, tone it down a little. I have dealt with this kind of stuff before, no need to disturb my sleep at like 4:30 in the morning, I inwardly grumbled. I replied:

Yes sir, the move was successful.

Grant: Good to know because you're lucky this time. Your new assignment is in Coldwater Springs, New York. (A/N:I made that up)

Me: Here? Sir, I thought I would get to live my senior year in peace. After all, you said yourself I deserved it.

Grant: Yes, but there have been....complications. We have sent a few people to complete the task, but they keep disappearing. I have a feeling you are the only one capable of completing this assignment.

Me: Alright sir, but this is the last one. I want a break.

Grant: Thank you very much. However keep in mind, this might be your most dangerous task yet. It might take your life.

I stared at the message for a few seconds letting it sink in. Take my life? I've been in life-threatening situations but Grant never said it might take my life.

Another message popped in:

Grant: I think you should tell your family.

I went into shock. How dangerous is this assignment?! As far as I know, Grant would never suggest telling what I do to my family. He always said, "Your identity is your treasure. Without your treasure you would be aimless, having nothing to keep secret and protect. You cannot tell anyone, even your family because you will risk putting them in danger. They are better off not knowing who you are. If your identity is exposed, we will immediately refuse to acknowledge you. You will no longer accept missions and we will destroy any evidence of you working with us."

If Grant is suggesting that I tell my family who I am, then I will have to be very careful from now on. I was fully awake now and snapped out of my shock. I quickly replied:

Are you sure?

Grant: Yes

Me: How dangerous is this mission?

Grant: I don't know. We have never had our agents disappear like this and in such large numbers. They are as excellent as you and are even more experienced despite you being one of our best people.

Me: Have you sent out a search group? What about the tracking chip in the phones you have gave us?

Grant: Yes, we have sent out a search group; they apparently cannot get a lead on the missing. As for the tracking chips, the signal keeps bouncing. I have a feeling that whoever is making the agents disappear, they are extremely experienced. We have the best hackers and technology in the world, but even they cannot track the signals.

Me: What can we do?

Grant: You are our only hope right now

Elizabeth. You have an excellent record and you have never failed the task at hand. If you are willing to accept Mission 9-11 then we will be forever grateful to you.

I thought about my reply. Should I say yes? My mind argued, But you wanted a break so you could live you life in peace for once! I argued back, Yes, but I would live with the guilt that my fellow agents were still out there; probably dead and I didn't do anything about it. My mind had no reply. Ha, point for me and zero for my subconsciousness. I typed in my reply and hovered over the send button. No going back now, I thought. I hit the send button.

After sending my reply I waited for awhile for Grant to reply back. He didn't. Not that I minded, I was already spooked to death. I put the phone back in and lock the drawer. I walked out of the closet and looked at the time, 5:20 AM. Wow, I thought. Nearly an hour had passed. Time does go fast when you're thinking about you own death. I scolded myself, This is no time to joke around! I crawled back into my bed and snuggled under the covers with my reply running through my head.

I accept Mission 9-11.


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