Chapter 13

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Stiles' POV- It was now Wednesday. A day before the attack on Jennifer. A day until I would have to face Malia. Sadness grasped my heart. I couldn't even think of her name without feeling pain. It's like a dark cloud is over my head, with no sunlight in view. I've been laying here in my bed since it happened. I haven't gone to school either. I just can't face her. I know I will have to tomorrow. And I can't abandon my friends because of a stupid girl. I can't believe it's over already. It feels like just yesterday I was so frightened to ask her if she still liked me. I remember the joy I felt when she finished my thought. I remember the jubilation of it all. Now it was gone. Taken away just like that. Taken away so quickly. As quick as hell can scorch a feather. Maybe I wasn't meant to be happy. Maybe I should just give I can't do that. My friends need me. My dad needs me.

Before I could finish my thoughts, I heard a quiet but audible tap on my bedroom door.

Stiles-"What dad?" The knob turned and a head popped into view. I felt a tinge of shock. It wasn't my dad's head, this one had strawberry blonde hair.


Stiles-"What are you doing here?"

Lydia-"I came to check up on you."

Stiles-"Oh...okay. Uh you can come in." She quickly walked past the door and closed it. Then she crossed the room and sat next to me on my bed. I was taken aback at how her mood towards me changed. Just the other day she was so hostile towards Malia and I.

Lydia-"You haven't been in school for a few days."

Stiles-"Yeah, so?"

Lydia-"So I was worried. Scott told me about how you told Malia about Peter. And how she was......." She quickly stop in mid sentence, trying to avoid the topic.

Stiles-"Go ahead. Say it. I know what happened, I was there. She cheated on me. Haven't even been dating a week and she already cheated on me. I guess I'm not that great of a boyfriend, huh?"

Lydia-"Don't say're the nicest guy I ever meet."

Stiles-"You're just saying that."

Lydia-"No. I would never lie to you. Unlike some people...." Even though I wasn't too fond of Malia at the moment, that comment set me off. I stood from my bed and began to yell.

Stiles-"I really don't get you! Before Malia came into the picture, you and I were actually friends! Something I have been waiting for since the third grade! I treasured our friendship! Then Malia and I start dating and you act so bitter towards both of us! That hurt Lydia! I value your opinion! And like a good friend, which I thought you were, would have been happy! But you ignored me and made fun of Malia! What was with that?" I could see that I had set her off too. She stood as well and retaliated.

Lydia-"You don't think our friendship means something to me? Stiles, you are one of the only people I feel comfortable going to for warmth or help or advice. And I ignored you? How about when I needed you? You weren't there!" I began to feel guilt.

Stiles-"What do you mean?"

Lydia-"I mean when my best friend died. And then my boyfriend." After she said it she put her hand over her mouth.

Lydia-"Stiles.... I didn't mean to......"

Stiles-"Great. Everyone has to bring that up. I know it was my fault okay? I don't need to be reminded everyday!"

Lydia-"Stiles listen to me. It was the oni that killed both of them. Not you."

Stiles-"Yeah, they were. They were killed by the oni that were controlled by me."

Lydia-"Not you. They were controlled by a dark spirit."

Stiles-"Which was in my body."

Lydia-" know it wasn't your fault. Everyone knows it wasn't your fault. That wasn't you."

Stiles-"Might not have been me, but I caused everything that happened. I let him take control of me. To save someone I thought loved me...." Tears began to roll down my cheeks.

Stiles-"I let him in to save Malia. Maybe if I hadn't that night....Allison and Aiden would still be alive."

Lydia-"But then you would've died...."

Stiles-"Then none of this wouldn't have happened. Scott would still have the girl he has always loved. Isaac would still be around. Ethan would still have his brother. Chris.........Chris would still have someone." I hadn't noticed how close she was. Her own tears now falling to the ground.

Stiles-"And would still have your best friend. You would still have the man you love......."

Lydia-"But I still do have the man I love."

Stiles-"Yeah, but he's in England......" She cut me off.

Lydia-"No, not Jackson." My curiosity rose.

Stiles-"Who?" She smiled. That same warm smile she gave me at Scott's house a couple days ago.


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