Chapter 57

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After a couple minutes of skating, I reach my house. I needed a lot of time if I wanted this date to be perfect, which I do.

Courtney has told me a lot of cool places that are absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to explore them.

I am calling Sam and Courtney and asking for help on my date. They both immediately come down stairs.

"Okay, so the plan is we are going to drive to the top of the cliff right above the ocean and we will watch the sun go down. Also I will have food and blankets up there. Then after we eat and its dark, we will walk to the pool that's up there. And we will go swimming and yeah, then we will walk to the park and there will be lights there like always and we will walk in the park. But I fucked up the order because I am so excited. We are going to walk in the park, eat, then go swimming, yeah yeah," I say enthusiastically.

"Oh my gosh! That sounds perfect!" Courtney exclaims

"How adorable!" Sam squeals.

"Thanks! Okay so first we have to get the food up where we'll be and candles. So when I call you can you guys set everything up there please?" I ask and they both shake their heads yes.

"Okay so what do you want to eat?" Sam says taking out her phone to put notes in it.

"Umm I don't want you guys to have to do a lot so can you guys just order a pizza please?" I say and Sam nods her head.

"Okay you have to get ready!" Courtney yells.

"I'm leaving here at 8:15 and its 2:00 now. I will wait until 5:00 to start getting ready," I say. "In the mean time, I'm gonna take a nap," I say while plopping on my bed. I set a timer for 5:00 and shut my eyes.

Sam lays on her bed and does the same.



I am actually really excited for tonight. I hope she doesn't have to pay for anything though. I just feel like it should be me, but I guess I'll just have to suck it up and start getting ready.


I wake up to my alarm clock annoyingly going off. I slide my finger across my phone to stop the annoying sound and text Nash.

Me- bring a bathing suit;)

Nashy poo🙈💕- why? *smirks seductively*

Me-you'll see;) okay gtg I'm getting ready:)

Nashy poo🙈💕- okay love you see ya in a bit;)

Me-love you too babe:)

I continue getting ready. What I decided on wearing, was my pair of light washed shorts, a plain white tee shirt, and a red flannel tied around my waist. I add my white Vans and do my usual makeup. I curl the tips o my ombré hairs and brush my teeth.

Wow time flies when you are getting ready, well at least when you are trying to find the perfect outfit. It's now 7:45. So thirty more minutes till I have to leave.

While I'm waiting I'm jut laying on my bed playing on my phone. I take a selfie that I think is good and post it on Instagram. I caption it 'Can't wait for t'night;) x @nashgrier'. Immediately I get tons o likes and comments. I set my phone down and pack my bathing suit.

I get one of my soccer drawstrings and put my bathing suit in there. Now I'm ready. Once again, I go on my phone and check Instagram. Nash comments something.

'I can't wait either;)'

Just his words make my heart melt. The smallest things he does makes my knees weak. When he talks to me, chills are sent throughout my paralyzed body. Good God, the things this boy can do to me.

Courtney and Sam said there goodbyes and left to set up the date for me. I really don't know what I would do without them. All I know is I am so ready for this date.

I strut out the front door and lock it behind me. I make sure the spare key is in the plant next to the front door and it is. Now I'm ready to go.

I start my walk and readjust my drawstring and keep walking. I am almost at Taylor's house and I'm kind of nervous. How does Nash do this?


For the date Brooke is planning, I decide on wearing my #makeascene shirt with a blue flannel unbuttoned over it. My pants are my black, ripped jeans, and my white Vans. To finish it off, I put on my grey beanie and fix my hair.

I am almost ready, all I have to do is brush my teeth. I quickly squirt toothpaste on my toothbrush and rinse it under the ruining water. I brush my teeth and spit out the foaming toothpaste in the sink and grab my phone.

I got a text from Brooke.

My life❤️- almost herrrreeee!;)

Me- okay I'm ready;) see ya soon beautiful:)

I send the text and open the door. There in front of me, is a smiling, beautiful Brooke holding a red rose in her hand. I look at the rose and see she has the two bracelets on. She always has them on and I always keep mine in my back pocket.

She gives me a small smile and I breathe in and out. Here we go.


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