*emma pov*

Luke ran before I could say anything. Micheal was cursing under his breathe and running his hands through his hair. Beth was hugging ashton as he silently cried in her shoulder.


I yelled running after him. He was already out of my sight.

I walked into the prison an it was silent.


I called, but no answer


I called a little louder. I heard a shuffle in the hallway corner. I saw him sitting there with his head hung low as he played with his thumbs. I slid down the wall and sat beside him, it was quiet for a moment until he spoke.

"It's my fault"

I grabbed his hand and looked in his eyes.

"Luke it's not your fault, you can't blame yourself for this"

He shook my hand away and yelled:

"Yes I can and I will! You have no idea what happened!"

His lips started to tremble and tears built up in his eyes.

"He was my best friend"

He whispered silently. I sat there quietly and let him get everything out.

"I did this to him"

"Luke stop"

It was quiet then luke took in a deep breathe and said:

"We were in our bus, it was only us four. One of us had to check it out so we drew straws. It was my turn and I got the smallest straw and you know what he did? Calum grabbed it out of my hands before the other boys saw, and said that he got the smallest one so he would go see what's out there. And I let him emma, I sat there like a coward and look at him! He's dead because. Of. Me."

He was crying full-on now.

"It's my fault he's dead, it's my fault he got attacked"

"Your right"

He looked at me strangely with his bloodshot eyes and tear-streaked face.


"You killed him luke, because you bit into his skin, and made him turn"

He was quite for a minute.

"You know I didn't mean, like that"

I turned his head to face mine, and I stared straight into his blue eyes.

"You didn't kill him, some walker did, your not a coward just because your friend was a little braver than you were"

He looked back at me and gave a weak but genuine smile

"You wanna know something, when you found us, we had just left to find him"


"Yea, but now we can only hope that he's in a better place"

I smiled at him.

"Yep, now we should probably check on ash and mikey"

He agreed and we did so.



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