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I've always loved my girlfriend. I have this feeling she'll be the one I marry, honestly. She's stunning in every way, her eyes shine like the stars in the sky, her lips are so soft & taste like milk chocolate. Her hair is long & beautiful blonde. She's a little shorter than me. She more than words can explain. She's my everything. Being part of the magcon world makes it to where I can't see her nearly as much as I want to, thank God they invented FaceTime. It'll be 1 year & 3 months that we've been dating on September 19th. Thankfully I'm home for a week before I fly out to Oklahoma to meet more fans. *the door rings*

"Carter, I thinks it's Matt" my sister yells out.

"Can you answer it for me?"

"No, I'm getting in the shower, sorry"

Sometimes my sister can be a pain in the ass.. Oh well I guess.

"Hey Matt, come on in"

"My girlfriend & I got in this huge fight, do you mind if I stay with you tonight?"

"It's no problem man, what happened?"

"She seems to think I've been cheating on her because Taylor put his pink bandana in my suitcase"

"Did you tell her it was Taylor?"

"I tried, she kept cutting me off."

"That's harsh, just give her some time to cool down"

"Yeah. How are you & Sammy doin?"

"We're good, she's actually on her way over now, sorry I didn't know you were comin"

"It's cool man, I miss her hanging out with us"

I go up stairs & Matt follows me. I put in 22 jump street, since there's nothing else to do. Matt falls asleep about half way through the movie. l decide to go down stairs to grab a quick snack.

"Hey Carter, will you take me to pick up Sierra."

"Yeah. But you know Sammy & Sierra don't like each other & Sammy is coming over.."

"They won't even be near each other it'll be fine. Please?"

"Yeah let me get my keys."

I grab an apple to eat on the way. I write Matt a note, "went to get Sierra, be back soon." I grabbed my keys off the counter & went to the car. Of course my sister plugged her phone in to my radio & started playing her music, not all of it was bad. Sierra lived on the really rich side of town. We lived on the complete other side, which was still sort of a rich part too, the only difference was that on our side we had 3 story houses on theirs they had 4 stories. It took us almost an hour to get there.

"Go get her I'll wait here"

"Alright, be right back"

She got out of the car to go get her. I pulled out my my phone & started rereading mine & Sammy's old texts.

I decided I'd text her

"When are you comin over, I miss you so much😘❤️"

"Comin now, I'm ready😉👉👌" she instantly replies

Sammy & I haven't had sex yet. When I got this message it made me start getting excited, but shit. I don't have condoms.

"Are you on birth control? Do I need a condom? I love you & can't wait" I sent back. As I see my sister & her friend walk out of the house I put my phone back in my pocket. I really believe in not texting and driving, I don't wanna be in one of those commercials. For some reason my sister sits in the back & Sierra sits in front by me. I her my phone go off & anxious to read what it says but I'm driving. "Was that your phone?" Sierra says glancing over "yeah. Wanna get it out of my pocket & tell me what it says?" My sister is really good at keeping secrets or at least she don't tell my mom when I'm there. So I don't really care if they know what we're talking about. Sierra reaches into my pocket to grab my phone. Her hand rubs against my dick & I can't hold it in anymore I get a boner. Shit shit shit is all I can think. She pulls out my phone from my pocket.

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