August Alsina POV

[Intro: August Alsina (Trey Songz)]
Ay (ohh) ay (ohh)
Ay (ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohh)
Ay (ohh) ay (ohh)
Ay (whoa-ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohhhhh-ohhh)
Man I luv this shit [8X]

[August Alsina:]
A nigga back with this motherfuckin' remix (remix), and we about to kill this shit
See I went and got a little help to get the whole club poppin' like Freaknik
Cause I got Rozay, a little Bombay, a little peach Ciroc and we faded
Soon as we step in, we got your chick, and yo' chick, and yo' chick and I know you hate it
Cause we linin' up the shots, youngin' got the heat to make 'em pop
Soon as we hit the parking lot, then we see all the panties drop
Girl, ain't no bitch nigga, no rich nigga, no snitch nigga
Yo' bitch choosin' on a real nigga, let her chill nigga
That's real, cause I'm so fucked up, now I'm talkin' my shit
I'm way to high to be trippin' like this
Niggas hatin' hard, bitches all on my dick
This is what you want, I'mma put it like this; lay it down to the Aug, Trey and Chris remix

[Chorus: August Alsina]
Say you luv it (ay), you luv it girl (ay)
You luv it (ay), you luv it girl (uh-huh)
You luv it (ay), say you luv it girl (ay)
You luv it (ay), better make you luv it girl (uh-huh)
The way I fuck her, you would think I luv this bitch
I tell her keep on suckin' girl get all this dick
And I'mma keep grindin' nigga try'na get rich
She tell me keep fuckin' cause she luv this shit

[Trey Songz:]
Goddamnit, I love it...
She said she just got her some titties (she said she just got her some titties)
Can't wait 'til I come to her city (can't wait 'til I come to her city)
I smoke 'til I choke and I'm dizzy
The liquors invadin' my kidneys; been chillin' and I feel like killin' you niggas
Bitches been missin' me lately (ohh), they love it when I talk to 'em crazy (ohh)
Suck a nigga dick, do it with alot of spit, let it drip, yeah catch my babies
Ohhh-whoooa, that's my baby
Just do it like you care, girl don't worry bout' your- 
hair's fuck up cause I'm pullin' it like this
Your man's fucked up, he don't do you like this
Feels so good that a nigga might kiss
If you ask her she gon' tell you like this

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
Goddamnit she loves it (she loves it), she loves it (she loves it)
She loves it (she loves it), she loves it
Goddamnit she loves it (oooh), she loves it
She loves it, she loves it
So I'mma keep on fuckin' like I luv this bitch (ohh)
I'mma keep her bussin' cause she luv this dick (whoa-ohh)
I'mma keep stuntin' cause I luv bein' rich (ohh)
I'mma keep doin', and I does this shit; Goddamnit, I luv it

[Chris Brown:]
She said make love, just make love, just make love to me
Right now (just do it), and she want to try some new shit (just do it)
She said when I kiss it, go and sing to her (how?)
Like this: la-la la-la la, la-la la-la la
Don't, need, full conversation
All we doin' is lickin' and fuckin' and touchin' your booty be speakin' another language 
Ohh yeeeah, this real life to his fake shit
Bottles in the air, I'm faded.. drinkin'
I'm so fucked up now I'm talkin' my shit
I'm so bossed up I be talkin' like Rich
Niggas they know, bitches all on my dick
Baby when we play, put this song on replay, she like "Ooh, that's my shit"

[Chorus: Chris Brown {August Alsina}]
And I luv it (ay), I luv it (ay)
I luv it (ay), Iiiii
God damn it I luv you baby (ay), I luv it (ay)
I luv it (ay), Iiiii
I'm gon' luv her better cause her man ain't shit
And I'mma keep on strokin' cause she luv this dick
And I'mma keep on lickin' cause she luv it
She tell me keep fuckin cause she luv this shit {and I luv it}

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
She was already on deck 'fore I ever met her
Young Bob in the building looking like on these suckas
Man I swear somebody better tell her
I don’t care what’s on your mind I just want your cerebellum
Yea but my team stay down through the
Back when we was hustling and nobody would help us
Now we poppin bottles man, now we top shelfers
We just knew that we would make it man, nobody could tell us nothing better
Nothing a fortune teller couldn’t tell us
As a youngin I never really cared for Christmas carols
Now when you see my apparel I got several different levels
Look at my wrist, bitch, it’s levels to these bezels
This whip is mine but I drive it like I stole it
Flying down the interstate, lighting up a stougin'
Hustle Gang on that mob shit, bring me my canoles
Beating up the box, call me Oscar De La Hoya

[Verse 2: August Alsina]
I had one, two, three too many
I’m fucked up, four chicks with me
I’m loud, took about five shots
Six bottles I just copped
Twisted, turnt up, 24/7
That's more bad bitches I’m getting
They know I hit 'em and quit 'em
And go past what they came here for

Baby can I see you make yo ass drop?
I’mma let the Rose bottles pop
I’mma sip this 'Roc, baby don’t stop
Cause yo body on fire, you too hot

[Bridge: August Alsina]
I can’t feel my face
I’m so numb
I’m so wasted
So dumb
I’m shit faced-ed
Just in case I don’t make it

Take my drink, nigga I’m buzzin'
Take my trees, nigga I’m gone
Take my keys, nigga it’s nothin'
One of these chicks is taking me home [x2]

[Verse 3: August Alsina]
That little red bone said she’s taking me home
Fine ass friend said she coming along
Love in the morning, so I’m fuckin' em strong
I’mma beat em to sleep then I’m gone in the morning
Hold up! I tell a bitch roll up
Before I gotta roll out all I do is turn up
Turn down fuck what, need another drink
Baby go and pour up, money hungover

So you know I gotta throw up the 'fetti
So that they know that I’m ready
To get em poppin' and droppin' the party never be stoppin'
Cause I be keepin' 'em rockin', you all these bitches be choosin'
Cause now they see that I’m winning like I’m allergic to losing and I..


[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Yo Gotti]
Gettin' high off the money, nigga yeah I made it
Just count a mill, nigga now I’m faded
You know I’m unstoppable, I feel like Vegas
Shout out to the hood – ‘cause that’s who raised me
Hunnid bands in my pocket boy, that’s that kush
And shawty wanna fuck she gave me that look
Hustler of the year know every rule in the book
Pull up in the 'Rari, boy that's all it took
That’s a white out, it’s a night out
Putting money on the bar there just to bring the light out
I just wanna see your fire-works
Fifty bottles, that’s slight work
I’m in the club, turn up

[Hook x2]

Nu ah ah ah ah ah umb
Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah ah umb
Let’s drink until you go nu ah ah ah ah ah umb
Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah ah umb
Drink until you go nu ah ah ah ah ah umb
Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah ah umb
Let’s drink until you go nu ah ah ah ah ah umb
Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah ah umb

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