Chapter 3

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An hour later we pulled up to an old and weathered warehouse in lower Seattle. I had also found out the other two angels I was traveling with were Tyraiel and Lantiel. "So what's here I said turning toward David". "Exactly what needs to be here" he said glancing at me. I followed him into the middle of the warehouse with the other two legionnaires behind me. "I have brought the Archangel" David shouted into the room. All of a sudden things changed a long table appeared with 3 Angels sitting before it. I squinted at the figures and realized it wasn't just any three Angels it was Micheal, Ithuriel, and Raziel. "Anafiel step forward" there three voices boomed as I stepped up. " You were cast to earth and had your wings striped for the crime of killing a mortal, now we offer you a reprieve, join the Paralegion for the next 100 years of your immortal life and you will be fully reinstated to your Archangel position". I opened my mouth in shock at what the celestial council had said to have my wings back and no longer being fallen would be the most amazing thing ever. I looked back at all of them and said in my strongest voice "I accept". "Very Well" Micheal said "as the Archangel of Justice i return you Archangel status back" and he clapped his hands in a thunderous boom. I dropped my knees and screamed in pain as the two scars on my back rippled.

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