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“It's been hard without you, you know.”



“I totally owe myself five bucks.”

“You bet on yourself leaving?”

I bet myself you'd miss me.”

“You owe yourself a thousand bucks then.”


“I miss you that much.”

“You're getting sappy, Gil. Is this what distance does? It makes the heart grow fonder and all that shazam?”

“Haha, I'm a tree, I'm getting sappy. Get it? Sappy? Hahahahhahahaha.”

“...I think that's like the most retarded joke you've ever made, ever.”

“What, it's funny.”

It's funny if you're drunk. Which I guess you still are.”

“How would you know, you're not here to witness the crime and everything.”

“I swear I can smell the alcohol breath from here.”

“I wish it was just that, really, but nothing seems to be working.”

“Are we still talking about the same thing, because I'm not sure I'm still following.”

“The headache hasn't killed me yet but I'm not sure how i'm feeling about the possibility it will kill me soon.”

“If I told you to stop doing that to yourself I doubt you'll listen, so I won't waste my breath.”

“I wish I wasted my breath with you.”

And again, I'm not so sure I'm following...?”

“Nevermind. Good morning, Wes.”

 “Good morning, Gil.”

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