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Jennie PoV

I walked to my dads office After I was with Lisa Lisa is going to be busy working and Kai is to so I can't tell him that I can't see him tomorrow night for our friendly date just yet so I'm waiting till he finishes up.

Even though I have to act like I have know idea about everything that's going on right now with Lisa and my dad and why Lisa broke up with me mess, I still don't get why my dad doesn't have a problem with Kai being flirty with me.

Jennie: dad

I say as I walk into my dads office playing with the figures he keeps on the wall. When I say he has a lot of these figures I mean there's like a dozen of them, but there cute so it doesn't really make the office scary.

YG: yes Jennie What's the matter

My dad was still typing up something on his laptop while he glances at me.

Jennie: why did you hire Kai he seems a little bit egotistical and not like the other employees Who work here.

YG: don't you find him good looking Jennie

My eyes risen now things become clear on why my father hired Kai. So I can move on from Lisa but that's not going to happen. I love Lisa and that's not going to change for anyone.

Jennie: he is good looking but I don't like him like that Dad. I like people who are kind and loving and who thinks of others.

YG: Kai can do that if you ask him to

I rolled my eyes that's not really the same thing.

Jennie: are you trying to get Kai to be with me dad

My dad acting like he was shocked and that I had no idea what I was talking about.

YG: don't be silly jen I hired him for his excellent dance skills

I laughed... yeah right!?

Jennie: well he's not even that good at dancing dad he's to much into himself and he's a little to full of himself not like anyone who already is working here

My dad clears his throat

YG: like whom are you referring to jen

I gulped

Jennie; like Rose she not egotistical she's really humble not like Kai

Which was true...  My dad slowly nods

YG: your only saying that because Kai is not as close to you as Miss Park is.

I hate this whole situation because I have to act like I have no idea what's happening even though I'm fully aware of what's going on.

Jennie: no dad it's just pure fact maybe if Kai was nicer he'll have more girls over him then the ones who are only with him because of his money and His good looks

My dad rolls his eyes at me

YG: money makes the world go around Jennie

Typical... I frown at him which he didn't seem to notice.

An hour later....

Jennie: dad I'm going to see Kai now

YG: that's fine jen

I nod and I made my way to Kai's studio to tell him that I can't go on a friendly date with him tomorrow night.

I was about to knock on his studio door until I heard a voice from behind me...

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