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( Time skip ) Tyuzu is out of the picture from this point.... sorry if that disappoints some of you guys. maybe she'll be back later..??

Jennies pov

It's been a month since Lisa said she was going to fix things and finally be with me but I guess Lisa forgets. She already told me she dealt with Tyuzu and she won't bother her and us anymore. But for some reason Lisa hasn't been forward with me and asked me to be her girlfriend again.

I have know idea what she is waiting for. She kept her word however on not sleeping or flirting with any girls, well I think anyway. I haven't seen or heard anything.

Every time I ask her she gives me an uneasy answer like " give me more time " or "we have to wait for things to blow over" she'll kiss me and all of that stuff but she won't claim me again. Am I not enough for her. Sometimes I get tired of waiting. Then I hear a voice from behind me.

Kai: hey jen how about we grab some lunch now

Oh it's just Kai. Me and Kai have gotten to know each other since he started working at my dads company. He's a really nice guy but I have a feeling he doesn't really get along with Lisa and Rose because they always glare at each other. I first I thought Lisa glared at him because he was talking to me but when I see rose glaring at him to I definitely felt that these 3 didn't get along.

Jennie: sure let me tell my dad

It's weird because Kai works here and normally if any other employee asks me to go somewhere with them my dad would freak out and not allow it but with Kai he's different. Maybe my dad and Kai are friends I have no idea but it's weird.

After I told my dad he agreed and Me and Kai went to eat in the lunch area. When we got to a table and started talking I feel like someone is staring at me. I look up and see Lisa looking at me intently she was on the table not too far from me and Kai. She was sat with Rose and other employees

She looked mad really mad... I focused my attention on Kai.

Kai: something wrong

I shake my head

Jennie: no nothing is wrong I'm just hungry I guess

Kai chuckled

Kai: I think the loser manoban over there is looking at you with intimidation shall I go over there

I rolled my eyes at Kai... I think it would be bad for him if he did.

Jennie: she's not a loser Kai

Kai: I mean Lisa isn't that good at anything

Well she's definitely good at kissing and in the bedroom. So what's his point?

Jennie: can we talk about something else but Lisa

Kai: ok wifey what do you want to talk about

I cringe a little when Kai called me that I mean he always calls me nicknames but it only feels right when it comes from Lisa not him

Jennie: talk about how you got into dancing

I didn't really care I just wanted him to not talk bad about Lisa

Lisa PoV

I went through with Roses plan and we blackmailed Tyuzu to leaving me alone. It worked which I was so happy about. Now I have to convince YG that I'm the one for Jennie. It's taking long for me to do so seeing as YG is being stubborn. It's like I'm in a battle with him and he always wins somehow.

Jisoo and Rose ask me why I am waiting to make things official with Jennie again. The truth is I want to get rid of all the problems before making things right with Jennie. Like making her stupid father change his views on me I don't know how I'm going to do that but I have to do something to convince him. Right?

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