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"Hey!! Hey lets go in the abandoned garden Wolfie!!"

"W..why Bully? It's weally dangerous!"

"Just shut it you peice of crap! Lets go and stop being so scared!!'

"B-But uncie say I-"

"Who cares? Nobody's gonna find out!!"


"Tch, this is bull!" He kicked a can. But there was a fearsome dog where the can had landed. The dog growled as he jumped up to attack Bully..

There was a loud painful scream..

Only to have the little girl on the floor with her eyes all scratched up, bitten, and bloody..it was ugly.

"W-Wolfie!" The boy had tears in his eyes as he looked at the little girl who had took the hit for him. Baldi and Ruler came running after that, which made Ruler traumatized after seeing what happened to Wolfie Baldi was furious with the boy, "Why did you do?! Do you know what could happen to her?! She could be blind!!" He glared with tears streaming down as Bully couldn't help but cry as he looked at Wolfie

"Wolfie you idiot!!"

"𝕴 never seen so much vomit from her after the day me and Ruler gave her chocolate.."

"Is she gonna be okay Dad? Pops and Blue may get a heart attack of they heard about this!"

"Yeah.." Baldi frowned at this and picked Wolfie up, "Lets go home..." He said softly, on thr way going back Bruler saw Sweeper cleaning the place up, "Wolfie got sick all over the principal's office.." Bruler said as Sweeper groaned, "C'mon I just cleaned the place up!!" He sighed and than nods, "On it." He said as he was finished cleaning the last bit of dirt on the floor as he had brung a mop, and spray to get rid of the germs as Baldi put Wolfie in the back of his car. Bruler got in on the front seat as he sighed, "Remember when you guys gave her choclate?" He chuckled, "You had to get a new interior for the car!" He said as Baldi groaned, "Don't remind me." He said as he started the car


Wolfie was crying and kept on getting sick everywhere as vomit filled the scent in the car, Ruler was in the back with Wolfie and was trying to clean up the mess but more and more kept on going and Ruler was getting scared, "B-Baldi I don't think I can keep this up!!" Ruler frowned as he tried to keep Wolfie calm who was screaming like crazy and Ruler's yellow sweater became black and Baldi was trying to go to the hospital as fast as he can, "I'm trying here!!" He said and went to the hospital and Ruler carried Wolfie and ran into the hospital, Baldi was upset that his car was all dirty and icky. But to Wolfie he didn't care if it was dirty or not..He made a promise to Roseland..to protect Wolfie if the Principal wasn't a good of a father or he had died.

He made sure to keep it..


"Halfway there.." Baldi said softly and looked at Wolfie resting peacefully. Bruler was looking around and chuckled, "Hey dad. Remember this picture that we have in out living room?"

 Remember this picture that we have in out living room?"

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Baldi saw and had a soft smile on his face, "Yeah..but Wolfie was a getting use to her poor eyesight..so me and your pops decided to get Wolfie a cute shark pajama as a little celebration that she can see a bit again. I never seen her smile so much..even if that picture she tried to act like a scary shark." He chuckled


"Hey Wolfie!!" Ruler hugged the tiny girl as Wolfie smiled and hugged back as she giggled happily, "Pwops!" She giggled as Ruler picked her up and kissed her cheek as he put her on the chair as he took out a cute shark pajama as Wolfie giggled, "What color is it?" He took out a light blue pajama, "If you get it correct..you can get keep it!" He hummed as Wolfie tried to do hardest as she pouts, "..B..b..bwuueee..bwue!" She giggled and Ruler hugged her, "Yes!!" He smiled, even though it was light blue. She got a color right after a long time. Ruler dressed her up in the shark pj as she ran around in it happily, "Take a picture for pops!" Ruler smiled as Wolfie couldn't see Ruler as she looked a bit off to the side, "Rawr!!" She tried to act scary but it ended but being cute.


"That was so cute! The way she tried to scare me dad!" Bruler laughed as Baldi chuckled, "I miss those times..but I also miss her eyes..If it weren't for him." Baldi gripped onto the steering wheel as Bruler frowned, "Dad..Please..I know we all miss her eyes..We know they were beautiful and it broke us when her eyesight was poor and her eyes were ruined after that. Even than she likes animals..after what they did to her.." He sighed and Baldi shook his head as he parked, "Were here.." He said as he went out along with Bruler as Bruler picked Wolfie up, "Woah..Shes super light! She weighs like a feather!" He looked at Baldi and Baldi looked at Wolfie, "She's awfully skinny and refuses to eat here..does she ever eat anything? She needs to gain weight.." He opened the door..remembering Ruler taking care of the newborn and the house was always silent in the morning but at night it was noisey of the newborn crying as Ruler took care of Wolfie and hummed lullabies for her to calm down. Ruler had to not work because of the baby but he didn't mind because he treated Wolfie as if she was his own daughter. Giving her love and care that her original father lacked giving her. Ruler made sure to make Wolfie well fed and cleaned. Ruler was like a replacement of Roseland for Wolfie. He felt terrible when Wolfie's mother had passed on..Baldi wondering.

If Roseland were to still be alive..

Would Wolfie be living a better life? Would the Principal be happy and not be an alcoholic?

Would he had stop abusing Wolfie from the start?

Would Wolfie be part of the family and not stand out like if she were unwanted?

Questions filled his mind but he shook his head..this happened for a reason..

Wolfie was suppose to be in this family for love and support.

And he planned to keep it that way.

She is part of his family now..and she is not diffrent from his kids..

But he knew deep down..

That the Principal is still the father of her..

And theres no changing that..


Woop! You saw a little bit of Wolfie's past :3

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