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Everyone arrived at the Studio at 3am or earlier. They were all dressed in there TNS jackets, leggings and tops. 

"Okay, everyone's here!" Emily says, double checking

"Grab your suitcases and lets go!" Noah says and they all pick up there cases and head to the coach. They all go in two's or three's:

The driver, Emily and Noah

Finn and Piper

Kenzie and Amy

Summer and Kingston

Richelle and Ozzy

Jacquie and Henry

In the Coach:

"So, Finn... why did you want to sit next to me?" Piper asks Finn

"Uhh... because... I like you..." Finn tells Piper

"I kinda like you too..." Piper tells Finn

"So will you be my girlfriend?" Finn asks Piper nervously

"Sure" Piper says, smiling at him

Everyone talked, played around with each other, or went on their phones until Emily stood up and told everyone that they were here. They all got of the coach and grabbed their suitcases. They walked into Toronto Airport and did all the boring stuff like queuing, etc... 

They got onto the plane and sat next to the same people on the coach. The plane prepared for take off and the majority of a troupe covered there ears. Richelle was the first to fall asleep, after only 15 minutes in the air.

"Aww! Look at Ozzy and Richelle." Kingston said, pointing at them who were fast asleep and holding hands.

A while after Jacquie began nodding off, leaning her head on Henry's shoulder.  All of a troupe had fallen off to sleep apart from Piper, who was too worried, as it was her 1st time on a plane. Suddenly, the plane began shaking violently, and a troupe was woken by Pipers deafening screams.

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