Chapter 7 - Midnight rendezvous

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Chapter 7 - Midnight rendezvous

He stood on the field anxiously waiting. He knew that she hadn't actually agreed to go to his game yesterday but he could only hope that she would. He couldn't believe how much he was starting to depend on Kayla's presence in his life.

"Isaac focus!" Someone screamed his name as the ball came flying towards him.

He caught it easily and started running. He knew how half-hearted his effort had been so far but he just wasn't feeling inspired. He knew the other team was getting ahead and he couldn't find it in himself give a damn about it all.

The moment he spotted a drab grey cardigan in the stands and he realised it was her next to his sister was when the game became real to him. Then he ran because he wanted to impress her. He scored goal after goal simply due to the ecstatic feeling coursing through him that she had actually attended his game.

The victory was one of the sweetest he had ever had. The team was jubilant, even Steve slapped him on the back and cheered along with the others. This was the moment he was sure would impress Kayla enough that she would go out with him at least once.

He tried to get out of the change room as quick as he could. He wanted to see her and talk to her before she left. He struggled past all his raucous teammates with great difficulty. He finally made it out only to come face to face with a surprising confrontation.

"Look I came and that's all he asked me to do." Kayla's voice had him wanting to jump around the corner just to talk to her but he paused.

"He hasn't played that well in weeks and it’s because of you, I know it." His sister’s voice astounded him. He hadn't thought Hayley was on his side in this at all.

"Please don't make me do this Hayley. I'm glad they won the game but I just want to go home." Kayla pleaded making Hayley sigh.

"Fine. Is your Mum working tonight?" Hayley changed the topic and Isaac wondered why.

"Yeah she's got the late shift again." Kayla said with a sigh.

"Come and stay over like normal then. You know my Mum won't mind and your Mum is happier knowing you have company." Hayley said encouragingly.

"I can't...not if he's going to be there." Kayla's words made Isaac's body clench with anger. He just couldn't take in that she was still trying to avoid him.

"Isaac will have some celebration party to attend." Hayley assured her. "Don't worry about him at all."

“Yeah I guess I didn't think of that." Kayla answered with relief obvious in her voice. "I'll go and get my stuff then. I'll see you back at your place." Kayla said happily and his sister quickly agreed.

Isaac stood there unsure of how to feel. Kayla would only come and stay with Hayley if he wasn't there. A crushing disappointment mixed with anger filled him. It seemed that she still didn't have any faith in him at all. He thought back to their fiery kiss and knew then that he had made the wrong choice.

He had to stop putting her in the same category as other girls he dated. He was finding it incredibly difficult though. He was coming across as a one trick pony who only knew how to treat girls one way. He found it was something he didn't truly like about himself.

"She's gone Isaac, now get around here." Hayley ordered making Isaac jump in shock.

"How did you know?" He asked as he sheepishly peeped his head around the building.

"I could sense the lurking." Hayley said dryly and he winced at her observation.

"Should I just give up?" He asked hopelessly, feeling like a small child.

"No she's coming around I think. I'll help you out with her tonight, just don't let me down. I will break something of yours if you hurt her." Hayley warned.

"Why are you suddenly helping me like this?" Isaac asked suspiciously.

"Because I'm your sister and you love me." She fluttered her eyelashes at him and he let out a laugh of disbelief.

"The real reason Hayles. You didn't even want me to know who she was not so long ago." He reminded her and she grinned cheekily.

"Very true because I thought you were going to treat her like all your other girls. You surprised me on that part. Plus the fact that you are still showing interest a week later is a pretty darn long time for you. I was also hoping she might help tone down your player tendencies." Hayley answered honestly.

"Hey I'm not like that!" He tried to defend himself.

"Yeah right! I guess I'll find out the truth tonight." Hayley said with a snort as she noticed their parents approaching them.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Isaac asked looking perplexed.

"You might find out tonight." She said mysteriously as her parents began congratulating Isaac for his game.

He puzzled over his sisters words. He had never really seen himself as a player. Sure, he dated a lot of girls but most of them knew he didn't really see a future with them. He always told them up front how he wanted things to be.

He threw those thoughts out and looked at his phone. All his friends were practically commanding his attendance at some party tonight to celebrate their victory. He was debating whether to go when he first heard Kayla's voice downstairs.

Party forgotten, he quickly headed down to meet her with a jump in his step. On the way he bumped into his parents who were all dressed up and heading out. Oh, yes tonight he was free to spend as much time getting to know Kayla, as he wanted.

"Kayla dear it's good to see you." His Mum gushed as she gathered the cardigan covered girl into a hug.

Confusion overwhelmed him for a second, until he recalled Hayley saying that Kayla had spent nights at their house before. If only he had realised this sooner but he had been so caught up in his own world that she had never existed to him.

All he had ever seen was exactly what she portrayed. A girl with an affinity for hats that covered her pretty face and incredible hair. A nerdy type person that he would never be interested in ever. He had always liked the girls that wanted his attention but now he was in a whole new game.

Once the pleasantries were done and his parents finally left, the two girls made their way upstairs. When she first spotted him, leaning casually against the balustrade she physically took a step back. Her eyes filled with panic and he sighed. He was getting tired of this reaction from her. She always started freaking out at his presence.

"Hello Kayla, I didn't know you were coming to stay. There's spare room in my bed in case you were wondering." He sent her a sultry wink and right on cue she blushed.

"That's real mature idiot." Hayley rolled her eyes at her brother’s lack of subtly as she led Kayla into her room 

Hayley gave him the grand total of zero percent time with Kayla that evening. So much for the help she had offered him after the game! He got so frustrated that he finally decided to go to the party. He stormed out of the house and decided to forget about the whole Kayla situation.

He went from hoping the party atmosphere would cheer him up to hating it. Girls were surrounding him, giggling and falling over drunkenly but he still couldn't get her out of his head. Even the one beer he had wasn't enough to block out the memory of his kiss with Kayla. He gave up after a while. He was tired of the cheering and the obvious flirting, so he went home.

The house was in darkness and with disappointment clutching him he knew he had missed another chance of getting to know Kayla. He wanted to be completely peeved about it but he found himself rather down instead. He flopped onto the couch and just stared at the wall for a long time.

Movement caught his attention as something on the stairs landed on his floor. A torchlight flashed and with growing excitement, he knew it wasn't any of his family members. He silently watched the figure move into the kitchen and turn on the lights.

He stood as quietly as he could and paced soft footed toward the kitchen door. Her back was to him as she poured a glass of water and slowly drank it. His mouth went dry at the cute shorts and singlet top she was wearing, showing off more skin than he had ever seen before. Her hair was cascading down her back in a long messy curtain covering curves that he was now dying to see and hold.

"My offer still stands." Isaac teased from the door.

She let out a piercing screech before turning to face him. The glass clattered into the sink as she clasped both hands around her cheeks before pushing her glasses up on her nose.

"I...I didn't know you were home." She whispered knowing she sounded lame.

"Otherwise you would have chosen to be thirsty all night?" He asked a bit affronted. "Look I'm sorry that came out harsh but you can't keep avoiding me."

“ Uh yes I can." She said simply as she went straight to the doorway he stood in, ready to push past him if need be.

"Give me a chance Kayla. Even right now." He spread his arms pleadingly.

"To do what?" She asked as she bit down on her lip even harder making him want to kiss her for as long as possible.

"I promise I won't try anything." He raised his arms defensively but she still looked cautious. "Look you sit on one side of the couch and I'll sit on the other."

She was completely struck by the best puppy dog look she had ever seen. He could be so darn adorable sometimes! She questioned whether being alone with him was such a smart idea. The thing was that he genuinely seemed to want to spend time with her. She couldn't see another opportunity like this ever cropping up again.

"Fine." She finally whispered and he let out a long sigh.

"Good come on then."

He grabbed her hand before she could refuse. He let her sit down on the huge black leather couch before handing her a blanket. He hadn't said anything about her state of dress and she hadn't thought about it until she snuggled under the blanket trying not to blush.

He sat down on the opposite end of the couch and stretched out his long legs across the length of the couch. She quickly curled into a smaller ball to keep him from touching her so he dropped his legs of the couch.

"Have you been drinking?" She asked as she quickly glanced to him before lowering her hands to her lap so he couldn't see them shaking.

"Yep but I only had one beer." He replied truthfully.

"Oh okay." She said as the silence stretched between them.

"I can't believe I never noticed you before the kissing booth. You've always been here though haven't you? My parents knew you, they even hugged you but I had no clue." Isaac shook his head ruefully.

"I stay with Hayley when my Mum does back shift." She finally admitted.

"Where does your Mum work?" He raised an eyebrow and she wondered what he was thinking.

"She's a nurse."

“Okay well that's better than what I was thinking." He made a dubious face.

"What were you thinking?" She asked as he glanced awkwardly away.

"Uh don't kill me but lady of the night." He said before wincing.

He dared a look at her only to notice her jaw drop open. A second later her leg thrust out from the blanket and kicked him hard before she dissolved into gales of laughter. He had never seen her look so carefree and relaxed. At least until he clasped hold of her ankle.

"Let go." She said as she tugged at her captured leg.

"I'm not doing anything." He replied innocently. "You're the one that took up my side of the couch."

"Well you insinuated my Mum was a prostitute." She blushed even as she said the words.

"Well I'm sorry for that one but anything on my side of the couch gets to stay on my side." He insisted as he drew a delicate pattern around her foot. She reflexively pulled back and let out a giggle.

"Don't." She ordered and he sent her a smirk complete with teasing twitches of his fingers against her foot.

"My does that mean you are a little ticklish?" He asked as his blue eyes gleamed at her.

"No not at all." She denied quickly as she tried more frantically to pull her leg from his grasp.

"Hmmm this is something that needs testing." He said in a serious tone. He ran a finger along her sole and she erupted into giggles once more.

"Isaac." She said his name on a gasp.

It took everything within him not to reach across and kiss her madly. He cleared his throat, his hand going still and he felt awash in a sea of green at the intensity of her gaze.

"I will never understand how I missed seeing you in all this time." He said huskily while she looked perplexed.

"I've been here for years." She stated simply.

"And I've been completely blind." He admitted with a small laugh.

"You know I really should get back to bed." Her voice went tremulous as his hand tightened around her ankle.

"Please just stay." The words came out starker than he expected. "Tell me about your brother."

“Oh so Hayley finally told you who he was?" She asked with a small hint of a smile.

"Yes she wouldn't say anything about him. I thought he was your boyfriend." He replied unable to keep the edge out of his voice. She tilted her head to the side considering him as she realised something important.

"You were jealous." She finally said feeling absurdly flattered by even the thought of it.

"I guess I was." He admitted ruefully.

"You're just not used to the competition." She said with a small shrug.

Instead of answering, he danced his fingers up along her calf. Her eyes drifted shut as she relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of his hands on her. This could be the only opportunity they would ever get together so she decided to go with the flow.

"You have dancer’s legs." He raised his brow at her and she reluctantly looked his way.

"I'm not sure how you would tell the difference but you know I dance." She speared him with a look.

"Hmmm and now I might turn up early on the chance of seeing you in some skimpy outfit." He winked at her and she caught her breath.

"You've seen me there before, at least two or three times a week." She replied dryly.

"Maybe but not to actually watch you dance." He feathered a finger over her anklebone and down over her heel. Her heartbeat soared at the intimate look he sent her.

"Um why would you want to watch me?" She asked unable to drag her eyes from his deep blue ones.

"Because-" He stopped talking as a key was heard turning in the front door.

He didn't move as his parents walked into the room but Kayla tried to tug her leg from his grip frantically. He pondered her sudden panic as his parents turned on the light and he blinked over at them. It wasn't like they were doing anything wrong but Kayla appeared scandalised.

"Hello you two! Couldn't sleep?" Isaac's Dad asked jovially as he hung his jacket on the peg by the door.

"I uh just came to get some water." Kayla babbled out and Isaac couldn't help but grin. She was acting as though they had been caught together doing something worse than just talking.

"That's okay love. Don't let him keep you up all night." His Mum said before heading towards the stairs.

"And you behave." His Dad ordered Isaac who let out a long-winded sigh.

"What's with the panic?" Isaac asked with a cheeky grin, once his parents had disappeared.

"I...don’t know." She finally said as the blush spread and deepened on her face.

"My parents don't really know about my reputation with girls." Isaac admitted with a small shrug and she looked at him quizzically.

"Why would you bring that up?" She asked curiously.

"I thought you were worried about what they would think." He gestured up the stairs towards his parent’s room.

"I am but it's just...I’ve never been in a situation like this before." She lowered her eyes before looking away.

"What caught on a couch with a guy talking?" He asked as he trailed his fingers higher along her still trapped leg.

Kayla tried to breathe through the sensation of his talented fingers caressing her skin. She was having trouble focusing on the conversation with tingles and warm fuzzy feelings engulfing her.

"Yeah something like that. Have they know caught you before?" She asked and then regretted blurting out the words as he went still.

"I've never brought any girls home for them to meet." He told her as he reached a finger out to tilt her chin up so she would look at him.

"Okay." She said dubiously.

"You don't believe me." He stated simply.

"Well you have had an awful lot of girlfriends." She said as she fiddled with the edge of the blanket.

"And none of them have ever walked through that door." He gestured to the front door.

"But you've had parties here when your parents were away."

“Yeah but then I use Hayley's room for all my make out sessions." He teased as her eyes went wide.

"I'm getting really tired. I think I'll go to bed now." She yanked her leg from his possession and he realised that he said the wrong thing.

"Kayla I was just joking. Wait a minute and listen." He stood up quickly as she scurried off the couch.

"No I just need to sleep." She stared hard at the ground as he turned her to face him.

"That was the truth. I never have invited a girl here and parties don't count. Parties are different but I've never used Hayley's room or mine for...well that." He told her earnestly and she glanced quickly to his face to see if he was being truthful.

"So where did you go then?" She had blurted out the words without realising. She quickly slapped her hands over her mouth. "You don't have to answer that." She mumbled through her fingers.

"You asked so I'll answer. Come here." He gently removed a hand from her face and led her over to the sliding door that looked into the moonlit backyard. "During parties I use that." He pointed to the old treehouse hanging precariously in the limbs of an old gum tree. She couldn't help but laugh through her embarrassment as she tried to picture that.

"Seriously? How would those girls in their heels and short skirts ever climb up there?" She spluttered out.

"No climbing then no making out." He winked at her devilishly, which only made her face feel redder.

"You are a very odd guy." She told him as she tilted her head to study him further.

"Hey I just like girls with athletic ability. Wanna try climbing up with me?" He asked suggestively and she shivered at the intent in his eyes.

"Ah no I think I'd rather sleep." She said on a yawn.

"Chicken." He accused lightly and she just shrugged.

"I told you before; I'm not one of those girls." She replied simply before turning and walking away.

He rushed after her, grabbing her torch as he turned off the kitchen light. Why was it that he could never say the right things to her? He caught up to her as she tried to navigate the stairwell in the dark. He grasped hold of her arm, which she quickly tried to pull away from.

"Here I just wanted to hand you this." Isaac passed the torch to her as she climbed another step.

"Um thank you." She replied softly before switching the torch on and illuminating everything.

She kept walking up the stairs and he wasn't sure what to say. Still he reached for her hand and hoped she would accept that. She stopped and glanced at him in surprise but let him keep hold of her hand. They continued to climb the stairs in silence.

"Goodnight Isaac." She said as she stood outside of Hayley's bedroom.

"Do you want to come into my room? I promise that we'll just talk." God he sounded like some whiny child!

"I don't think that's such a good idea." She whispered as she released his hand.

"One kiss then?" He asked with desperate hope and was relieved when she smiled.

"I guess that couldn't hurt." She tilted her head to look up at him.

In the light of the torch, with her hair spilling over her shoulder she appeared as an irresistible, ethereal angel. It didn't help him that she had left the blanket behind downstairs either. She looked like a wanton creature of the night luring him closer.

"So that's where you've been." Hayley's voice disturbed the intimacy of the moment.

Kayla jumped back and turned to her friend. She bit her lip and wondered how to best explain the situation. The glint of amusement in her friend’s eyes helped her to realise that everything was perfectly fine.

"Goodnight Isaac." She said again without looking at him.

Isaac watched in disbelief as she left him standing there. He didn't even get his goodnight kiss. He wanted to throttle his sister for interrupting but he didn't even get that chance as the door shut in his face. Well at least he had made some progress in getting to know Kayla. All he could hope for was that Kayla's mother had many more night shift jobs in the future.


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