scary night ;)

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Ur at home alone watching scary movies because your trying to become brave. But then you here a door slam. Your frantically rushing upstairs to small closet to hide. While hiding all you can think about is your boyfriend of 3 years, Harry Styles. Yea hes famous but you like the real him and your not a gold digger like the haters say.

You wrap your arms around your knees and curl up into a ball your really short and skinny so you can fit in small places. Right now your hiding in the cupboard under the sink in your master bathroom which you share with Harry. speaking of Harry.........."[y/n]?' it sounds like him but its impossible since he doesn't come home for another month! I'm getting cold i wish harry were here its just getting scarier!

You start to hear footsteps, and they are getting closer........

Your starting to shake when someone grabs the handles and opens the cupboard you scream bloody murder. But open your eyes when the sound of laughter rings through your ears. But not any laugh a husky, deep chuckle...........HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

You spring out of the cupboard and into Harry's arms. "Get scared,love?" "Only because your not here" he chuckles but you cut him off with a passionate kiss. You both pull away breathless, but look into each others eyes only to find lust.

You both lean in and Harry starts to kiss you rough so rough you bet you'll have chapped lips. There was SO much fire and passion you didn't even realize harry was starting to undress you. But you went along with the flow. Not too long after you were both naked but you rarely disconnected lips.

Harry was on top and you were both fighting for dominance on the tongue action. You won and flipped Harry over so he was now on his back and you started going lower.............................

after that heated 'moment'

"That was the best sex Ive ever had [y/n] i should come home more often"

Harry then leans in to give you one quick peck before whispering goodnight. You fall asleep in his arms. And your dreams are the replays of tonight....


not to dirty but its not too long either ;) hope ya like it and ill even do a part two if you want one just say so kk?

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