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Three Weeks Later:

At Studio A:

Emily stands in front of a troupe

"Okay! Now that Jack has finally gone, me and Noah have decided to replace him with Amy!" Emily exclaims

"We now have 10 ready and prepared dancers for Nationals!" Noah tells a troupe

"We have just received a letter from the head of Nationals, that it's been held in Vancouver, which is 2,090 miles away!" Emily says

"How are we travelling?" Kenzie asks

"By plane, it will take 5 hours approximately!" Noah tells a troupe

"Okay, your parents have already paid in advance, we're just going to email your parents all the information now. Start warming up!" Emily commands

They begin stretching and Henry walks over to Jacquie

"Hi Jacquie!" Henry says

"Hi" She responds

"So, how have you been?" He asks

"Better..." Jacquie says

"How'd ya mean?" Henry says

"Just... Summer... she really isn't happy with you breaking up with her..." Jacquie tells him "She definitely wants revenge!" 

"Hmm... she seemed cool with it when I told her..." Henry says, oblivious to everything. Jacquie rolls her eyes and walks to Richelle, leaving Henry slightly confused

"Hi Richelle." Jacquie says

"Hi!" Richelle responds

"So, how have you and Ozzy getting along?" Jacquie asks

"Fine." Richelle says

"To be honest, I did not see it coming" Jacquie tells her

"Me neither!" Richelle says, giggling

"Right everyone!" Emily shouts, getting everyone's attention

"This year, it's group dances only!" Emily tells everyone "They want to see how well you can work all together." 

They run through all their dances a few times

"Hmm... they look amazing! I think they're ready to go." Emily says, smiling 

"Okay, good work everyone, go home and pack all you would need for a few days!" Noah tells the troupe

"You need to meet here at 3am, so I suggest waking up at 1am. We need to leave here at 4am, to be at the airport for 5am, okay guys?" Emily asks

"Yes!" They all respond and walk out of the Studio, talking excitedly to one another

"I have a GREAT feeling about this years Nationals!" Emily tells Noah

"Me too!" He responds smiling

Authors Note:

Next Chapter, will be about there journey. So like, meeting here, going in the coach to the airport, at the airport, flying to Vancouver, and landing in there hotel, and unpacking, and relaxing in Vancouver.

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