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The Story of Us:

This is the first book in the Memories of Yesterday Series that is a trilogy.

The book follows a girl striving hard to make up with her ex-bestfriend and long time first love . 


Best  friends. That's what Charlotte and Lucas were before things started falling a part.

Their bond that was so close which made them look like they're joined to the hip was destroyed and replaced with different emotions  opposite to what they felt before.

Hate. Anger. Doubt. These are what they feel now.

There is one emotion though that stayed in one of their hearts.  Love. 

Charlotte felt love.Sad part about all of these though is that she realized her feelings a little too late and the guy she 'loves' is long gone ...far away from her and would never be back in her grasp. And as she finds out, Lucas is not the guy she used to be.

Would  she continue to love him despite this change of character ? How though , when things start to get itchy and she finds out things that would make her despise him? 

Or would her love change into hate ? Problem is though, Fate keeps pushing them back together again ,continuing to give them the bumpiest ride of their life.

Find out their story about  friendship,miscommunications, complications and the one emotion that confuses us all : LOVE.

Copyrights 2014. All Rights Reserved .


 “I cant do this anymore…”

“ What do you mean this,” Rena asked.

“Dont you see it? We always pretend that we dont know each other and like  nothing has happened between us !  I hate it ,” I cried .

Everyone in the area looked at me as if I was out of my mind and I blushed out of embarrassment.

“Pretending with who?And what  are you pretending  to be,”  Mirella  cut in.

My heart constricted as I didnt want to even mention his name. I tried opening my mouth but then, a different word came out,“You know, with Wish," I said with forced effort," We always pretend like we’re complete strangers. I mean who the fuck does that? You were best friends yesterday then, complete strangers the next,” I explained and they groaned.

“Not this again…,” Isabelle muttered. The other two bobbed their heads in agreement,giving me a pleading look ,asking me to stop my outburst immediately before it turns into an all-out seminar.

“Well sorry to burst your bubble but I'm ending this . Im gonna forget about him and this nonsense,” I swore.

The 3 girls looked at each other with weird faces and said in unison,” We doubt it,”

I sighed and my heart constricted once more but not because I couldnt say anything but because my heart too knows that they are correct. I too know that forgetting him would be hard. Like they say, you may have a crush on someone for a day, like them for a week and love them for a month but forgetting someone whom you truly love for almost forever.  I dont know how I could overcome these overwhelming feelings inside me that are trying to break free. What I really want to do right now is run to him,tell him that I love him and only him and ask him to at least reject me if he doesnt like me or tell me if he did but I cant. Im a coward ,I know but that is not the only reason. Im only scared because I cant understand him. He goes from left to right and backward to forward with his decisions and movement. At some days he smiles at me and at some days he's the worst. I have no assurance that if I would ever ask him if he loves me that things would end up for the best . And so now, I have decided to just forget and move on. I then asked them,”Why do I even call you my best friends, when you don’t even support my decision?”

“We always support you it’s just that it seems like your making the wrong decision now…” Mirella told me. Rena and Isabelle nodded.

“Well, as if I have a choice!" I said,raising my hands in an exaspareted  gesture," I mean , I cant love him forever! And most especially, I cant love him like this! “ I told them and they were all quiet , staring at my back,wide-eyed .

I raised an eyebrow at them,questioningly.

Why are they looking at my back when Im here throwing my problems at them. I asked myself.

Curious to see what was going on, I turned around and what I saw astonished me and made me feel like cold water was splashed on me with the world falling down on my shoulders at the process.

My mouth opened wide and I couldnt breathe. I staredat him as if I was staringat space,staring at something facinating and yet, it meant nothing but it didnt work and my eyes softened and watered . I looked away at him and I heard him sigh by my reaction.

“Charlotte, can we talk?”  he asked.

I was speechless . My lips couldn’t form any sentences . I cant find my voice. So I just managed a clumsy nod. Asking myself in the process,' What have I gotten myself into?'

Charlotte Divian Curtlander, smart, friendly,and completely WEIRD is having the craziest year of her life . With roller coaster rides filled with confusions, tensions, complications, and miscommunications she cant help but wonder what would happen next. Things seem to turn her world upside down.

Who is the cause of all these? Well , who else than her ex-bestfriend , Lucas Lawrence! He too is smart and friendly but often turns into a snob person once you get on his bad side but is that all to him ? Or not? Charlotte cant be sure because that was how he was when they were together but she is not that sure now.

Why ex-bestfriend? Well, they have this miscommunication that none of them both want to admit but that’s just a part of it . What will happen to this misunderstanding of theirs? Will this Mis Understanding, turn to Mutual Understanding? Or will it turn into a disaster?

 You never know when Fate is already the one playing your game so be careful because these two didnt . We may still not know what has become of them but we will as the story goes on and start seeking action.

Some say Cupid is not real or love is not real. They may get away with this but when Fate is the one walking the path with you, dont be quite sure of things.

Find out how they would be facing heartbreaks, love, challenges and multiple confusions as we join them in this cliche story of theirs.

In a story that was never told before : The Story of Us.

 Author's NOTE:

This is the first book I have ever written in Wattpad. I have had this idea since I constantly read about best friends falling apart because of their misuderstandings or being scared of confessing what they truly feel. And so, I added a twist into this story of mine to prevent it from getting too cliche . I created two characters, fighting not only theirselves, not only each other but also fighting their confusion, fighting to supress the  love that they are feeling deep inside which they both know would lead them to walk a difficult road.

This is a story of two former best friends, playing Fate's game and answering the trivial questions in love.

Surviving isnt the problem; Fate is.

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 Credits to trulyhisbella for the trailer and cover in the side.

STATUS: COMPLETED but UNEDITED and would be edited this DECEMBER 2014





ENDED: JULY 30 2014

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