Chapter 36 Surprise!

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Chapter 36



"Nico can you help me pack?" I asked as he walked by my bedroom.  We were at the island and would be headed back to Miami this afternoon and then I was flying to New York with Declan and Jaime tomorrow.  Nico wasn't coming and I was a bit disappointed, but still excited to go and be part of Declan's opening and also getting to see a bunch of other famous galleries in New York.

Nico came into my room.  "I don't know what I need to bring…I mean, besides the basics.  Do I need dressy stuff?  What will I wear to the opening?"  I tried not to whine, but I was getting frustrated staring at all the clothes in my closet.  There was too much and to be honest, I knew nothing about fashion like Nico and Benji and I was nervous about going without Nico there to tell me what to wear and what to do.

"Hey baby, it's okay.  Let me help," he soothed as he headed to my closet.  Nico spent the next half hour going over the different types of clothes he got for me and what I would need.  He picked out a suit for the opening and a few dressy outfits because Declan and Jaime would probably be taking me to some nice dinners and to other special events in the art community.  I packed some very casual stuff like jeans and t-shirts for all the set up work as I would need to be comfortable, and then the we packed stuff in between casual and dressy for walking around the city and visiting galleries.  Nico gave me a credit card he had gotten in my name and told me if I needed anything else I could always pick it up.

"Are you sure you can't come Nico? I…I've never been to a real gallery opening and I'm not sure how I should act." I thought I would try one last time to get him to come.

"Just be yourself baby, just be polite and friendly.  It'll be great! You'll be meeting all sorts of people from the Art Community, Declan and Jaime will be there to look after you and you can call me anytime day or night."  Nico took my face in his hands and looked at me intently, his dark brown eyes drawing me in.  "I am going to miss you," he said quietly.

"I'll miss you too…I really wish you were coming."

"I know baby, I…I'm sorry, I can't," he hesitated.  I had never heard Nico sound vulnerable and it broke my heart.  I felt terrible.  I didn't know why he was afraid of flying, but it had to be pretty serious for him to be this way.

"It's okay," I soothed trying to make him feel better, "It's only a week, it'll go by fast!"

The role reversal was almost unsettling.  I wanted to comfort him so I placed my hands over his and moved them from my face to my hips, then I slowly wrapped my arms around Nico's neck, gently pulling him down.  When he was close enough I lightly brushed my lips against his and gave him a soft kiss.  He immediately responded and took over control as his tongue found its way into my mouth, exploring and tasting while his hands pulled me closer into him.  This was the Nico I was used to, dominant and in control.

When he pulled away so we could breathe he stared into my eyes for several seconds, his expression unreadable, then he smiled, "we need to get going, our boat should be waiting at the dock to take us to Serenity."

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