Chapter 1

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It was damp and cold when we woke up from inside the hay shaft of an old rundown barn. The five of us made sure our guns were loaded incase the government was close by. We'd found an old pickup truck in the barn but we seemed to never have got it working. Right after we finally got the trucked fixed we heard a car coming down the dirt road towards the barn. I motioned everyone behind the hay bales. I told them to get ready and have there guns up. When the car came to a stop about 30 yards from the barn a women got out. She had about three other men with her and they were all armed. I flagged down Carter to go to the attic of the barn and wait for my signal. When he got to the top I waited until the three men spilt into different directions searching for us. I told Carter to shoot. When he shot the man on the right fell to the ground. Now the other two men took cover and started shooting in all directions. I told my men to hold fire until they reloaded. Before I was about to signal them to fire I felt a metal barrel to the back if my head. It was the women. She threatened to kill me if I didn't tell my men to drop their weapons. I told them to keep them in their hands but they dropped them anyways. Her two men came running towards her with guns drawn. Yet she never recognized cater still in the attic. Next thing I know I heard gun shots and both of the two mean and the women fell to the ground. I looked up at Carter and grinned. "Never miss do you?" "Nope," he responded. Adam came up to me and ask "how would we get our of here without drawing attention to ourselves?" I gave him an odd look but he somehow knew what I meant, because he then went over to there car. We rode in there car past plenty of government buildings trying not to draw attentions to ourselves. They've been hunting for us for a awhile now. I think it's because they're scared of us. They call us "The Renegades."

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