chapter thirty three - james' birthday

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At five minutes past midnight, the sky was pitch black, a few twinkling stars littered here and there. The pale crescent moon danced across the grounds, illuminating the trees in the Forbidden Forest.

James sat on a desk chair perched in front of the window, staring out at the grounds as he absent mindedly tugged at the loose stitchings on his Gryffindor jumper.

As of five minutes ago, he was officially an adult. He would now be able to, after taking the apparation course, apparate, he was now able to get a summer job if he wanted to, he could even perform magic in the holidays without having aurors swarm his home. And while he felt excited about the prospect of finally being able to do adulty things, he also felt a teensy tiny bit afraid. He couldn't think of himself as an adult, he needed Remus to fold his clothes for Merlin's sake. If he couldn't even fold his own clothes, how could he survive in the real world?

And once he left Hogwarts, which would be in just a matter of time, he wouldn't be able to see Sirius, and Remus, and Peter, and Lily and everyone else that had made his life at Hogwarts the life he was thrilled to have.

As if sensing his name in James' thoughts, Sirius walked over to James, and, leaning his arm against James' shoulder, asked, "Alright, Prongs?"

James nodded and jumped down from the windowsill, his hands coming to rest in his pants pockets. "Yep. Just thinking is all,"

"Are you sure you're capable of doing that?" Sirius teased. James playfully punched his arm, rolling his eyes, but a smile was on his face. Without even meaning to, Sirius had cheered him up.

"Moony, Wormtail, are we good to go?" Sirius inquired as he slid his leather jacket on over his Gryffindor jumper.

"Yeah, just gotta add one more jumper..." Remus said as he slipped his fourth jumper on. "There,"

After Peter packed in two extra chocolate bars, the four boys trudged down to the Common Room, where Remus and Peter were to wait while James and Sirius headed on up to the girls dormitory (thanks to a clever spell Sirius had learned in a joke book, they were able to jump straight over the stairs.)

After peering in every room, the two boys finally found Lily, Marlene, Dorcas and Laurelle's room. The four girls were, as to be expected, all sleeping, Marlene face down with her arms splayed out like a Muggle aircraft.

"Now for the fun part," Sirius whispered, grinning at James, who, having pulled the Invisibility Cloak out of his bookbag, grinned back. They both stood under it, and James pulled it down so that only their heads were visible.

Sirius cleared his throat, "Ladies, there's been some minor changes in your sleeping schedule, and I'm afraid it's time to wake up," His voice was loud and clear.

Nothing happened. All four girls remained asleep, Marlene not even moving.

Sirius cleared his throat again and said in a much louder voice. "Wake up, the day has just begun,"

At fitst, it seemed as if nothing had happened. Then Marlene rolled over, muttering sleepily, and cracked her eyes open. The first thing she saw was James' grinning face, though that was all she could see of him. Then she saw Sirius' head next to his, and once again, only the head. This was too much for the groggy Marlene. She screamed, taking the first thing her hand found, which happened to be a snow globe Magnus had bought her for Christmas, and she chucked it at their heads.

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