Now Do You Remember Me? ( WWE Story )

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* This starts off as a dream. then will go back to normal. *

Sept. 4 * I'm 5 *

" You can't catch me Cody!" I giggled while a little boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes was chasing me smiling away. I turned back to look at him and caught myself falling before someone caught me. " Gotchya! " He yelled, i realized i hadn't hit the ground but Cody was holding me up. I started blushing, " You saved me Cody." I smiled at him and he looked at me before blushing himself and standing me back up. " Time to come eat guys! " Cody's mom, a really pretty woman that looks sort of like Cody called us and we ran into the house sitting at the table. We kept looking at each other and smiling about our little incident.

Nov. 7 * I just turned 6 today *

" Blow out your candles Ash!" Cody said and i looked at him, '' Make a wish with me...?" I asked him and he scooted closer. We counted to three before both blowing out the candles and the adults clapping. Not ten seconds later i felt someone smash a cupcake in my face and a roar of laughter. I turned my face towards Cody and grabbed a cupcake with purple frosting and smashed it in his face. He gasped and we ran around the house with frosting on our faces. I tackled Cody and we fell face to face before i pressed a light kiss to his cheek. Making silver frosting on his cheek and purple on my lips. I helped Cody up and without realizing it we walked back into the kitchen and the adults all started talking," Awww Ash kissed Cody!" I heard Cody's mom say and my eyes got wide. I looked at Cody's face and blushed, i'm pretty sure he did too but thank gosh they couldnt see it with the frosting on our face.

Aug. 14 * Still 6 *

I was crying in my room when i heard a knock on my door Cody walked in. " Your leaving... " he said looking down and i looked up at him running to him hugging him tight. " Yeah i am Cody, i don't wanna leave. Cody i don't want to let you go! " I said and he kissed my cheek. " I know... but you have to... Mommy says so... I'll miss you. " He started crying to and we continued hugging each other until Cody's mom came to get him so we could leave. I said my last goodbye to Cody.... Not knowing i might never see him again, i got in the car before we left.

I woke up tears running down my face as i gasp for air. I ran to the bathroom and puked up my dinner from last night. I looked in the mirror, and then walked out of the bathroom and looked around my apartment. I sighed, it's been 20 years. He won't remember me not that i'll ever find him. I turned on WWE Monday Night RAW. I was gonna be a Diva soon, since i'm in training now.

" We would like to introduce a new Superstar. " I smiled and took a sip of my water, " Please meet Cody Rhodes! " Out walked a guy with Dark brown hair and blue eyes. I spit out my water all over the place and started hypervenalating. Could it be him? I mean i'll be working with him.... He won't remember me..

I turned off the tv and took a nice cold shower to get my mind off of things. I put on some basketball shorts and a tanktop and made my way to training for today. I opened the doors gym bag and water bottle in hand, i walked over to my coach who just so happened to be Randy Orton. " Hey how's it going?" He asked me and i smiled a weak smile," Everythings good.. " I kind of trailed off and hoped he didn't notice, but with my luck he did. " Hey, why the sad smile?" I looked down at the ground for a couple seconds and then brought my face back to his, " Just an old friend don't worry about it. " He nodded and pointed to the ring. I set down my stuff and got in my way, which just so happened to be like Tyson Kidds by flipping over the ropes backwards.

Randy got in and had me do a couple excercises before he brought in Kelly Kelly, who i had gotten close with, to fight me. We got in the ring together and started fighting with me putting Kelly in a sharpshooter and her taping out. After that i set my Ipod in a Ipod dock and turned on Cupid Shuffle getting into the ring with Kelly, we danced on our own before the music came on and we started dancing to it, laughing along the way. We had people all over the practice room dancing with us. I started yelling come on while still dancing and everyone, even the workers joined in. I got up on the top ropes and started singing the song. "They got a brand new dance you gotta move your muscle, a brand new dance its called the cupid shuffle, it don't matter if your young or your old! Here we go! We gonna show you how it goes. " I let the guy on the ipod start singing while I jumped down, microphone in hand, and doing the dance. I started skipping and dancing with everyone.