Chapter 15

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There would be no need for love if perfection were possible. Love arises from our imperfection, from our being different and always in need of the forgiveness, encouragement and that missing half of ourselves that we are searching for, as the Greek myth tells us, in order to complete ourselves. --Eugene Kennedy

Melody's heart sank knowing that her mate was now missing with no witnesses to even give them any clues on where to find him or who had done it. That uneasy feeling that she had been feeling must have been because of this. It was all making sense to her.

"Sean what are we going to do? We have to find him. Darren could be hurt." Serenity said rushing over to Melody to comfort her. Seeing her best friend cry was rare since Melody has always been a tough woman who thinks tears are for the weak.

"Easier said than done." Sean began. "We have no leads or where to start. I instructed Darren to investigate some unknown rouges who have infiltrated our domain? One of the omegas found Darren's phone on the ground and nothing more."

"Could his disappearance have something to do with the unknown rouges?" David asked.

"That is a possibility. Lucky for us one of the royal guards were able to capture one. This rogue will be tortured and questioned."

Serenity did not like that idea Sean had suggested. How could someone just capture a person and torture them?

"Sean, I think that's a cruel idea. We can't just capture them and torture them. What if they are innocent?" Serenity said looking straight into Sean's eyes to see if he understands what she's saying.

"Serenity is right." Melody stepped in. "We can't do that. As much as I want to save Darren, we can't just act like barbarians. Innocent before proven guilty."

"I'm going to have to agree with Melody and Serenity on this one," David said.

Sean sighed knowing the three of them were right. If he had tortured them and they turned out to be innocent it could look bad on him and for his back.

"Your right. Sorry for suggesting such a thing. I'm just worried, my friend."

Both Melody and Serenity understood what Sean is feeling for his friend Darren. A friendship like theirs reminded of them of how they are. Nowadays many don't take friendship seriously only for granted. Trust is one of the biggest issues when it comes to friendship. You never know whom you can trust, not even your own family.

"When will the rouge be here?" Melody asked.

"Right now, the rouge is being held in the dungeon," Sean answered her.

Sean leads us down to the dungeon to where the rouge was held. Walking down the corridors Serenity noticed that this dungeon reminded her of ones she's seen in history books where prisoners were left to rot away. It was cold and damp with no sign of a window to be seen. They all stopped at a cell where a young girl who looked to be about the same age as Melody and Serenity was chinned up with eyes that showed fear as she thinks she will be killed. Her long black hair had some dirt in it and a few cuts on her knees.

"If you promise to be cooperative and answer some question's I will let you out and allow you to join my pack," Sean explained to the frightened girl. The young girl could tell that Sean was the alpha from his scent. She slowly nodded her head not daring to look into Sean's eyes.

"First off what is your name and if you belong to a pack before it would be best to tell me?"

"M-my name is Madeline and I ran away from my back called the Dark Wind pack."

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