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The last twenty-four or so was a shit show of chaos, secrets, and hospital noises. Everything was predicted and unexpected at the same time. Funny how it all came from ice skating.

The rundown of the past twenty-four hours had Gaige all in a daze to stay absent from the moment, but he still knew what was happening. He still knew what had happened. 

Adonis, and the help of the dad from the family on the ice, had managed to lug Gaige of the ground and out of the building into Adonis's car. Adonis had run back in, thrown his skate back, and a twenty dollar bill to pay for the skate that Gaige absolutely refused to take off his increasingly painful foot and ankle. 

Adonis insisted that Gaige call his parent his while he drove like a mad man to the emergency room. Honestly, through the whole day that his life went to extreme levels of shit he hadn't prepared for quite yet, Gaige was calm. As he was on the phone, as Brad panicked on the other line, figuring out how to get out of work to meet his son at the hospital. 

While sitting in an emergency room chair, with an ice skate on one foot, next to an anxious boy who was fiddling with his camera, Gaige stared at a little boy who held his arm with a pout and tear stains on his face.  Gaige wondered if he looked like that little boy. Or if that little boy was bound to grow up to be a fuck up like himself. 

Luckily, a frantic Erin tugging Chester behind her was enough to tear Gaige's attention off the poor little boy and his future. Erin had artificial red hair all over the place, Chester's attention was everywhere but where his mother was trying to pull him, and Adonis totally tensed up beside Gaige. 

"Oh my god. What happened? Are you okay? How did this happen?" Erin threw herself in the chair across from Gaige, tugging Chester down in one next to her. Chester cocked his head at the ice skate stuck on his brother's foot. 

Gaige pushed hair off his forehead, not evening having time to open his mouth before Adonis's shoulders dropped and he let out a strangled cry.

"I'm so sorry, Mrs. Carson. I thought it would be fun for us to go ice skating. I've been doing it my whole life, I thought I could teach Gaige the basics. But something happened when he stopped, and he fell funny on his ankle or something and-" Gaige swore the poor boy would have started crying if he hadn't taken over.

"Accidents happen. I'm pretty fine. I can't even feel my ankle that much," Past Chester, the little boy who held his arm was called behind the double doors. His shoes lit up with led lights when he took steps, his mom carefully rubbing his hair as he followed the doctor back. 

Erin snapped Gaige's attention back by releasing a heavy sigh, "It's...It's all right. I just wasn't expecting this," As if Erin realized she couldn't do anything but wait, she sighed again and sat back in her seat, "Your father should be here any moment. Did they say anything about how long it might take to get back there?"

Gaige's dad did show up, with more concern than Erin. It put bother Gaige and Adonis in an awkward position. Luckily, Gaige was good at clearing his face and pushing all his thoughts away. Unluckily, Adonis was not. He sat in the chair next to Gaige, skillfully avoiding the passes form Gaige's parents for him to leave, picking at the string son his jeans, and sliding fingertips over the smooth surfaces of his camera. 

It took a little while for Gaige to be called back, he casted a glance at his father before leaning on Adonis and hopping through the double doors. And it was then, you could officially say shit hit the fan. 

As soon as Gaige sat on the bed between the two curtains, the emergency room perfectly alive and chaotic around him, family and Adonis surrounding him, Gaige became the animal at the zoo. Poke, prodded, and observed. Funny looks, annoying questions, and Adonis chewing on his lip, finger hovering over the power button of his camera. 

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