14 - Undisclosed

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“Why won’t you tell manager hyungs or anyone about it?”


And someone says something mockingly but Jin just ignore it. After everyone is in the room they continue the dance routine. It was in the late evening that Jin excuse himself from the practice to go somewhere. To send his brother to the airport of course.


“I will be back in few months, on December for your birthday and for the Christmas with mom and dad” Seokjung says while ruffling his younger brother’s hair.

“I’m so sorry that mom and dad couldn’t come here. Something is up” Seokjung says again.

“It’s okay. They didn’t need to come here just to see me. I got you and noona here” Jin replies smiling.

“Anyway we will meet again in December, tell mom I love her. Dad too” Jin says.

“I love you too” Yulhee cuts the brothers conversation.

“Take care of my brother for me” Seokjung says softly to his fiancé as they both hug.

“I will, he is my brother too” Yulhee replies smiling.

“See you two again in December. Take care” Seokjung says his final words before leaving the two.

After a while the silent was broken.

“So now, what?” Yulhee says, breaking the silent.

“As usual I guess” Jin replies.

By that, Yulhee send Jin back to the practice room and she went back to work.


After a week of intense dance routine and vocal practice, the management gather all the seven trainees and a few of up ranking staffs together in the practice room for the evaluation day. Also, the PD-nim also there together with their only artist, Lee Hyun to watch the growth of the trainees. As all of the related staffs are already there in the practice room, the seven trainees walks to their own spot, preparing for their performance. As they were given the chance of explaining the song they choose pairing up with their self choreograph, Hoseok took the role to explain it to the staffs for better explaining.

Hoseok did not forget any detail of the choreograph at all. He calmly explains each and every detail of their choreograph. As he is finished explaining everything, he went back to his spot and wait for the music to be played. Everyone nailed the performance. No one makes any mistakes. Magnificent. They were surprised by their own performance to be honest because usually when they did the dance practice, everyone makes mistakes, even Hoseok too. But now, in the front of the staffs, they nailed it. Even Jin himself is quite surprise by how his body is listening to his brain.

With sweats dripping down from their skin, together they wait for the evaluation result. No matter what happened for today’s evaluation, they are proud of themselves. Truly proud. About half an hour later, all seven of them were called to gather back for the evaluation result.

“Everyone did a great job today. The PD-nim is surprise by how well you guys blend in. The song and the dance, both are great. For today’s evaluation, PD-nim himself make the decision” one of the staffs says to the trainees.

Heart beating loud in each of their body. If the chief executive officer himself makes the decision, they are for sure dead. That man, no one can predict. He can be nice and kind but in the next second he can completely change himself being dark and cold. No one can predict him. Whatever the decision that the man made, they will accept it openly. After all, all of them did a great job for today’s performance after the whole obstacles they went through while practicing together.

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