13 - Owe

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“I just got it fix”


“Let me talk to her” Jin’s mother demands.

While Jin is handing the phone slowly to Yulhee, he mouth something to her in silent, hoping that she will help him but instead he got a rolling eyes from her. Great, she is not going to help him.

“Good afternoon mother” Yulhee says politely.

Jin didn’t know what the two are talking about but he pays extra attention to what Yulhee replies to his mother’s questions.

“Yes mother, he is alright. He was overwhelm for awhile but he did a great job calming down” Yulhee says to the phone call, completely lying to his mother. Jin did not even calm down during that time.

As his mother is talking about something back to Yulhee, Yulhee mouths to Jin in silent.

“You owe me.”  

Jin nods, thankful for her.

And after a few minutes of talking, the phone call was cut.

“You owe me” Yulhee says with her clear voice and big eyes.

“Thank you noona. Thank you so much” Jin replies, truly grateful.

“Now, stop complaining about everything and do as what I tell you to” Yulhee says again.

“I will” Jin replies.

After a few check up, Yulhee finally leave Jin alone for her work. And Jin decided to read a book, entertaining him while killing some time. The first hour Jin was into the book, he didn’t really enjoy much about the book so he casually lay back on his bed, covering half of his body with the warm blanket and continue reading the book. The third hour he was into the book, his eyes started to feel itchy, practically a sign for him to sleep but he was reading the fun part of the book so he just continue reading it until he couldn’t.

About a little above five hours after Yulhee left Jin alone, she come back again just to make sure everything is alright. She was greeted with Jin sleeping and book still opening in his hand as she enter the room. Quietly she walks closer and take the book from Jin’s hand. She folds a little bit of the page Jin was reading as a bookmark before closing the book and put it onto the table besides the bed. After checking all the vitals and everything, she leave the room again.


It is the fifth day of his stay at the hospital in the evening, almost night actually, when Yulhee came into his room bringing a good news for Jin. He can be released that day but of course after the last check up from her. And of course Yulhee stand tall in front of Jin demanding to send Jin back to the dorm if he really wants to get out from the hospital even if Jin refuses to her demand. Honestly it is quite a good deal though so in the end Jin agree with the deal and they both walk to her car without bickering much.

“How long hyung will be here?” Jin asks as Yulhee is driving the car.

“Until tomorrow” Yulhee replies.

And they both change the topic and talk about something fun through the journey to the dorm. As they reached the dorm building, Jin asks Yulhee to just drop him instead of sending him right in front of the front door. Yulhee decided to just do that because she had something to do. So by that, Jin walks alone towards the dorm. When he opens the front door, honestly he was surprise for a moment because no one is there and after his brain processing everything, he just remember that the others are probably still practicing at the practice room since it is not that late. The clock just state 8.40 p.m.

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