12 - Force To

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“I’m sorry Jin, I have to. She needs to know about this. I’m so sorry”


“I will call you later” Yulhee says in rush, quickly enter her car and drive off from the building.


As Jin is set up with wires and oxygen mask, he didn’t stop coughing and gasping for air. Yulhee then cups the younger’s face in her soft hands, making Jin clearly eyes the female.


“Listen to me. Calm down and take a deep breath”




“Hey, no one got hurt. Everyone is safe. The people in the car didn’t get injured, just some minor cuts. They are not your parents. The media messed up the news”

“Calm down Jin, I’m here”

Yulhee says softly making sure Jin hear every words she said. It took Jin a few minutes to completely calm down which resulted him being tired.

“Get some rest, you’re tired. I’m sorry but I need to tell this to your brother. He will be here...” Yulhee says softly as Jin doze off to sleep.

After making sure Jin is in his dreamland, Yulhee stands a little bit far from the younger’s bed, making sure she didn’t disturb the younger’s sleep. She pulls out her phone from her pocket and dial someone. One of the boys.

“I’m sorry about this but Jin couldn’t join you guys for awhile for the practice” Yulhee says softly and calmly.

“Is everything alright? What happened?” Namjoon asks through the phone call.

“Everything is alright, he just need some time” Yulhee replies.

“What is actually happening?” Namjoon asks again after she ignores his question. Namjoon need a clear answer for his question.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you but trust me, everything is alright” Yulhee replies.

A few moments of silent.

“Namjoon, I’m sorry I have to go” Yulhee informs.

“Tell the others not to worry. Go home and take some rest” Yulhee says again before cutting off the phone call.


“Did Yulhee has a patient? I need her help” a male asks, Yulhee’s colleague.

“She is with her brother in his room. Something happened just now. Let her be with him for awhile, I can help you” a female replies, also Yulhee’s colleague.

“What happened to Jin?” the male asks again.

“I don’t know either. Something happened. Maybe the situation is bad? I don’t know” the female replies.


About ten minutes since Yulhee cuts the phone call, she sits on the chair next to the bed, eyeing the sleeping Jin closely. After a moment someone come in. Her fiancé, Jin’s brother. He hugs her before saying something.

“What happened? Is he alright?” Jin’s brother asks, sounding really concern about his only brother’s condition.

“He was surprised by the news. He couldn’t breath properly for awhile but now everything is alright” Yulhee replies, looking at her fiancé who is eyeing his brother sleeping soundly.

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