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Okay so I live in Georgia. And Summer is coming up yay school is going to be out in twenty eight days! WHAT!? Crazy this year has gone by so quickly. Ugh I AM GONNA BE A SENIOR NEXT YEAR WTF? I feel nostalgic and a little sad. Like, I was just a freshman coming out of my shell and now a senior in three months? Wtf? Wtf? I'm a sentimental person and nostalgic as well. I ugh. Y'all probably aren't going to read this so if you do that means a lot. If you do, comment Summer. Or don't.

Is any one else going to be a senior or junior soon?

I want to do a chapter of tips for high school I have learned so far. And wow I have learned a lot. I will most certainly do this for the next chapter.

Comment your grade you're in!!!

Okay so i just wanted to add ik loving this book The Bitch Is Back on wattpad by daesies_xxo i belive that is her user name. But yeah check the book out, it is great.

Sorry for the long A/n I just want to get to know ya'll.


•Moisturize your skin with serums instead or thick creams. Good moisturizing brands [thick and serums] :

•{Mario Budescu, nuetrogena, loreal, burts bees, cetaphil, tatcha, runk elephant, fresh, the ordinary, clinique, sunday riley, caudalie, etc.}

•DRINK WATER/ INFUSED WATER (I have a chapter on this)

•If you are going to wear make up wear sheer coverage foundation, bb cream, cc cream. Good brands are nuetrogena, elf, cover girl, etc.

•Exfoliate two times a week. I like Freemans beauty charcoal and black sugar gel mask + scrub.

 I like Freemans beauty charcoal and black sugar gel mask + scrub

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•WEAR SUNSCREEN I cannot stress this enough. I do not care what your skin color is. Black white purple I DO NOT CARE. YOU CAN STILL GET SUN DAMAGE PEOPLE. RESEARCH IT. Hah sorry I just really care about everyone's skin.

•If you do get sun burnt, aloe is your best friend.

•Try to do face masks about three- ish times a week. Whatever suits your skin type. Freeman has amazing face masks!!!!!!!

•Drink green tea by twinnings or a brand similar and if you are allergic to caffeine, get some without. It makes your skin really clear! I drink it all the time. You can drink it hot or cold. And if its hot, you can add honey if you would like to do so. One time I used to drink mine cold, now i drink it warm ish. But i out honey in it and I was confused as to why it was mixing. But then i realized. Because it was cold the honey will thicken and not melt.

•When and if you go to the pool wash your hair out first. Chlorine damages and changes your hair color. Also your hair can dry out.

•For lightening your hair, try liquid lemon that comes in a bottle that looks like a lemon. It can lighten your hair when you stay in the sun!

•Adding salt texturizing spray makes your hair beach like. You can braid your hair and in the morning spray it with the sea salt texturizing spray. Most of the sprays smell sooo good.

•Overall just have fun and enjoy it as much as you can and more!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this! I LOVE the new Jonas Brothers song Cool. I heard it over spring break on the last Friday when my family and I were heading to main event.

Today I got cavities filled. blah. My darn cavity prone family. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH AND FLOSS.

Ugh I think I have a crush on this guy and he is a jerk so I do not know why I do.... he is so smart though. But I think that I just like the way he looks. I don't know. It is so exciting to have a crush. I feel giddy. Can I even call this a crush... but yeah. It's the end of the year I do not need any distractions like some jerky guy, no offence to that guy but anyhoo...

please vote and comment. I love you all.

QOTD: Once men have tasted caviar it baffles me how they settle for catfish.

~ Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

Lots of love and sunscreen.


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