Chapter 22

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Alexander's pov

Today when I saw Rose talking with the kids she was smiling so much. I wished she could smile at me as well. When I saw over there I had no doubt that she was going to be a good luna. She had come back to my pack with me but still her cold behaviour was still the same. Heck, her grandparents did not even want to talk with me. The dinner was extremely awkward. All of us were silent expect for my mom trying to make a conversation. Rose had the same cold expression on and her grandpa was looking at my family with a lot of hatred. Her grandma was giving short answers to whatever my mom asked. I sighed. This was nothing but a disaster.

After the table was cleared up Rose went to drop her grandparents. I just sat on the sofa, that was when Dean came out of his room. He looked happy. He had completed the mating process with his mate. Even her parents accepted him. We could be having a wedding soon at the pack. He smiled at me on the way back to his room, 'Tomorrow at 7:30 the training is going to be there again for you as well as your mate.'. 'We will be there Alpha.' he replied and left. Overall he looked happy. I sometimes wished I could have his life where my mate will accept me. I was waiting for the day i could officially announce her the luna of my pack. I knew I had brought this situation on myself. Sighing, I decided to go for a walk at my favourite spot in the pack. It was a garden with a lake.

As I was walking I saw Rose coming back to the pack house. We were both shocked to see each other, Rose just nodded at me and started walking. 'Hey Rose' I said and she turned around. 'I was wondering if you could come with me somewhere. Only if you want to. Please.' She looked at me for a minute and then nodded. I smiled at her and then gestured her to follow me. I took her to the pack garden and she looked amazed. I could see that twinkle in her eye. She even smiled a little bit. 'You like it?' I asked her.

Rose' pov

'You like it?' he asked me softly. I nodded slightly and continued walking ahead. I saw all the flowers blooming in the moonlight and it was a heavenly sight. Suddenly I saw a tree. It had flowers but they all were not blooming. I looked at it curiously but then suddenly alexander took my hand and we both walked towards the tree. It was so sudden that I did not how to react. He made me stand in front of it and went under it and touched the trunk of the tree. Suddenly, all the flowers bloomed and casted a glow all over the garden. I was awestruck by its beauty. Then I looked at Alexander and saw him grinning. 'Can you come over here?' he asked me. I walked over there and stood under the tree. He told me to touch it and as soon as I did that suddenly all the flowers turned blue. I was surprised. He looked extremely happy and said, 'The tree has accepted you as the luna of this pack Rose. If it had not then the flowers would have remained the same.' 'But, how can this tree sense me.' I asked and lily had the same question. 'This tree is magical Rose. It was planted by my great-great grandfather. Every time the alpha finds his mate he brings her over here and the tree judges if the girl is worthy and capable enough to be a luna. It is approves of her then the flowers turn blue and it did in your case Rose.' he said and looked at me lovingly. I felt like blushing and lily was jumping in joy. Ever since we had come over here  it felt like she was finding it hard to resist him. We stood there under the tree looking at each other. We looked in each other' s eyes and he came and stood near me. He took my hand in his and said, 'Rose, I regret what I did every single day of my life. I am not even forcing you to be my mate. I said that I will wait and I am ready to because you are the only girl I want spend the rest of my life with. The minute you accept me I promise you that I will do my best in our relationship. I won't say it will be all roses and chocolates and stuff like that. We will have disagreement and fights. And also as the alpha and luna of the pack we will have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. But I promise that I will respect you,  respect your opinions and treat you like the queen you are and always love you. Till my last breath.' he said while looking at me in a sincere tone. I could not speak a word. I looked at him and saw that his one eye was green and the other gold which meant that he and his wolf, both were control. Me and lily both were speechless. He came very close to me and we both just looked in each other's eyes without speaking a word, holding each other's hands tightly while the tree was still shining casting its light on us. It felt like we were communicating without speaking a word. 'Let' s go back, it's getting late.' he suddenly said breaking my train of thoughts. I nodded and took back my hand. When we were walking away from the garden I saw the tree back in its original state. We entered the pack house and walked up to our rooms.' Good night Rose.' he said with a smile. 'Same to you' I replied back finally speaking something in the whole day in front of him. He looked surprised but then grinned at me and I closed the door. As I entered the room I put a hand on my chest to calm down my fast beating heart. I recounted all the incidences which happened today and a small smile came on my face. I couldn't help it as I blushed and fell down on my bed. 'Rose, I can't help it. He is my mate rose. I am falling in love with him.' lily said. I felt like if at that moment I had lily take over then she would have kissed him. I got up and changed into my nightwear. As I closed my eyes a question popped up in my mind- Should I trust him? Not as a mate but at least as a friend? Thinking about this I drifted off to sleep.

Alexander's pov
I entered my room grinning. Today I had expressed my feelings towards her sincerely. She was slowly beginning to warm up towards me. I went and took a shower and put on my sleeping clothes. As it was my daily routine I looked at her picture and lied down on the bed. Tomorrow her training will begin. I know that as her father she was going be a very fierce fighter. I couldn't wait to see that side of her. With a real smile on my face after a very long time I drifted off to sleep, dreaming about her.

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