Suddenly I felt him move, his hairs once again brushing the little skin of my neck. I felt chills all over my skin. He moved his head off my shoulder and looked at me with a weak gaze, his head was still close to mine and his breath was caressing my chin and a little of my neck and his dark black eyes held mine for a second. My fantasies kicked in with him being so close to me. No one has ever been this close to me, this close to my face. If not for us being strangers, I wanted this moment to hold on for some more seconds, some more minutes. He looked so radiant and full of charm with his black eyes and his black hair strands which fell on his forehead making him look even more breathtaking. I felt a hot rush on my cheeks and my breath was caught admiring his sharp, beautiful features.

His pupils dilated in shock as he realized what he has done. He immediately moved away from me and blinked his eyes several times before finally speaking.

"I'm sorry." He spoke without looking at me, embarrassment was dancing in his raspy voice.

"I... It's okay." I stuttered and turned my face again towards the window.

There was nothing to watch anymore outside, the sky wasn't giving a pleasing show as before but I forced myself and made numerous mental notes to not turn my face back. My shoulder was already sore by him sleeping on it and my neck was aching badly as I kept my head in the same position for God knows how much time.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I heard him speak from behind. His voice was cold.

I can't actually believe my ears. Does he have to bring this thing up? Normally people would just push someone off of their shoulder but I didn't... And I am already uneasy about it. How do I explain that I was scared of him, the way he behaved earlier was enough to tell me that he isn't a nice guy and won't think twice before wrecking someone completely. I took all my courage and turned my head to face him. His gaze was piercing and he wore a bemused expression.

"I just didn't wanted to disturb your sleep." I tried to sound as confident as I could.

"Oh.. Thank you" he spoke, probably discontented from my reply.

"No, its okay you don't need to thank me." I replied and again turned towards the window.

"Also, you don't have to hide your face from me. I should be the one doing it." He spoke.

"I wasn't hiding my face, I was just admiring the view outside." I spoke.

"Is that so?" He spoke with a smug expression.


"So what do you see outside that seems admiring, as far as I know there is nothing except dark right now." He said with a playful smile on his lips.

He smiled, oh this smile, he looks so adorable.

"I... I was..."

"I think you are a tad scared of me, ain't you?" He said with a smile on his face.

"No." I don't know where this was going. I'm bad at making conversations, especially with strangers and this guy next to me is catching me off guard every time he speaks. How could he actually know that I was scared of him.

"I know you are and I'm sorry if I did scare you. I didn't mean to." He spoke his voice softening.


"By the way I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik." He spoke with a smile on his face

"Emma, I'm Emma Collins." I returned the smile.

The announcement about landing stopped us from having further conversation. As far as I have known this half stranger beside me, he isn't actually obnoxious and a hot head as I presumed. He is actually nice and has a soft side too. I am glad that we had a little conversation and he actually apologized for his rude behavior earlier, I'm probably not happy for having him apologize but the fact that he is the first guy who actually initiated a conversation with me. I was surprised at first, maybe he's not like others who judge someone by the way they look.

Soon the flight landed and we headed outside. It was dark outside and the cool breeze hit my face, stroking my hairs gently. Zayn helped me with my.luggage and we went outside together.

"Are you taking a cab?" He asked.

"Yes, what about you?" I replied

" too." He replied.

A cab stopped in front of us and he offered me to go first.

"Goodbye Emma and Merry Christmas." He said as he stretched out his hand.

"Merry Christmas Zayn and Goodbye." I reply as I took his hand. This is the first time I have ever held a guy's hand. His hands were cold and bigger than mine. The touch of his cool skin against mine send shivers through my body and I realized I was blushing. We held there for a few seconds before withdrawing our hands back.

I entered the cab and he smiled at me. I reciprocated his smile and waved him goodbye.

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