Chapter 2

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we were next to each other
but my gravity was too weak
to lure you

I took my seat, put on my earphones and turned my head towards the window so I don't have to face him. 6 hours of journey with this hot head next to me, I wonder if I'll land dead or alive.

Zayn's POV

Today has been one of those worst days of my life. First the fight with James over the girl who was practically cheating on him. I just can't believe he chose her over me, over the girl, the fucking slut who forced me into a kiss and then manipulated James to believe that I forced myself upon her. And James being blinded by her, put up a fight with me just to defend her. How can he not see that I won't ever do that kind of thing with him. Sometimes I wonder how do people become so weak and blind when they are in love, why can they not see through the deception. I know I have done bad deeds in the past but that has nothing to do with the present and he must know it. Whatever I don't give a shit to whatever he thinks of me now, I know I didn't betray him and that's enough for now.

Second, I finally switched from Howard to Washington University. I am just tired of dealing with the same hateful comments based on my past behavior.

One year back when I came to Howard I got into some bad company, and did horrible things, I started smoking, got tattoos, started bullying others, I even got into a fight with one of my professors, I remember that fight, he was badly bruised on his face, I hooked up with so many desperate sluts in Howard and one of them made a video tape and leaked it. I wasn't bothered by it at all. What's done was done, it couldn't be changed. But things changed and I sensed hostility in the way people started behaving. The ones I used to be with started ignoring me, I was offered with offending and hateful comments from almost every single person. So I decided to switch university. It wasn't an easy decision. The idea of having transferred to a new university when you have become completely used to the previous one is insanely terrible. Again the same shit of making new friends, getting used to the new environment is a complete pain in the neck. But maybe a new start will be a better decision.
I closed my eyes to shut all these thoughts and drifted into sleep.

Emma's POV

The view outside the window is picturesque. Thousands of clouds adorning the blue sky just few inches away from your eyes and separated by a thick glass window. If only there was enough strength in the clouds to hold some weight then I would have created my own heaven here, I would have fled from the cruel world and would have lived through happiness.
I was busy daydreaming when suddenly I felt some weight on my shoulder. I immediately turned my head and saw the guy sleeping, sleeping with his head on my shoulder. I pulled out my earphones and thought of waking him up but then I saw his face. The boy who acted so rude an hour ago looks so vulnerable in his sleeping form. His hairs are brushing againt my neck. I noticed his hands, they were inked with tattoos and had some fresh bruises on his knuckles. Maybe he had a fight right before boarding. The way his hands look with all those bruises, tells me that this guy beside me is horribly terrifying and dangerous. I couldn't help but daydream of what kind of fight he has been in and what he could possibly do, just thinking of it gives me chill. I tried to push away my presumptions about him and pulled my earphones back into my ears making slight movements so as to not wake him up, God knows if i disturb his sleep right now, then what will become of me.

I continued killing my time admiring the white clouds against the blue sky and soon the sky grew darker and the sun retreated. It has been almost two hours since this guy has been sleeping with his head on my shoulder. I am sure my shoulder and neck will be sore afterwards.

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