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Louist91, Harrystyles, zayn and 928,892,793 others liked this post


Liampayne: Bear wanted to meet his cousin DJ and this is what we got 😂

Lazza: SO SMOL
Lourry: Like Louis
Louist91: give me a break im big !
Lazza: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 ok

Thebetterstyles: @Harrystyles get your ass here so i can see DJ 
Harrystyles: soon gem ok

Louist91: fun seeing them together but no they can not date !
Liampayne: why not?
Louist91: it'll be weird
Liampayne: fair enough

Ziammayne: she is so tiny
Louhaz: she is a new born and she is louis' kid so shes ganna be tiny
Louist91: IM BIG !

Ihatehets: yes DJ is adorably smol but think this is the first pic if bear!
Larrryyy: SHIT YEAH

TreatLouWithKindness: omg adorable children

Kevinthedirectioner: so now 3/5 of 1D are parents that means i only have a 2/5 chance of my first born being one if their children 😭

CherlyCole: i wanna see the baby too
Harrystyles: we'll stay with payno till you pick bear up
CherlyCole: thanks

JamesCordan: *cough* *cough* WHEN CAN I SEE THE CHILD i mean can i please see DJ stylinson
Louist91: we'll take her to the late late show when we're on

Annetwist: i need to see my grandchild
Harrystyles: will do mum

Lilolarry: this is so freaking cute

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