Chäpter Twënty

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Evangeline's P.O.V

Faith hooked her arm through mine and began to drag me towards the men that all stared at us expectantly with lustful eyes.

I swallowed and was barely able to keep up with Faith's long and elegant strides as she crossed the floor. What was she doing? I had the money to get us the room. Why did she want to do this?

I was still following distantly behind her and my eyes were darting wearily left and right, taking in all of the faces around the cavern.

Men of many different sizes, colors, and looks were scattered around the room, most of their eyes glued to Faith's body that flowed like liquid, her movements smooth and alluring.

I was still looking around when Faith tugged my arm, so we were pressed together. She made a big show of leaning over seductively towards my ear, like she wanted to tell me a secret. Her eyes stayed locked in the men as whispered: "Follow my lead, play along. I'll explain later."

I looked over at her with confusion, before nodding slightly. I trusted Faith. I had never before been outside of the castle, and I wasn't gonna get us killed all because I didn't do what she had told me.

She smiled brightly at my agreement and turned to face the men again, her grin twisting into a smirk. "Hello boys!"

A loud sound of mixed "howdies", "whews", and whistles filled the air, their version of a greeting I supposed.

With a nudge and a pointed glance from Faith, I dropped my shoulders and relaxed my entire body, letting my hip slowly slide out to the side like Faith had done earlier.

She smiled in response and stepped forward and up onto a table in front of the men, her dress raising to show a slip of her thigh.

"How many of you want a private audience with us ladies tonight?" Her voice was back to her seductive and southern accent, her lashes fluttering low over her cheekbones.

Following her lead, I locked eyes with a few of the men and let a smirk take over my face, like I knew something they didn't know yet.

I let my eyelashes flutter by taking long and slow blinks and I rested my hand on the lower side of my hip, and outside of my thigh. I almost dropped my act when eyes were suddenly locked on me, their gazes running down my body. I felt fire begin to spark beneath my skin, the flames licking against my flesh, but I pushed it down and ignored it. I didn't have time to deal with that right now.

Loud shouts echoed in a loud answer to Faith's question and they began to bang their hands and mugs of beer on the table tops.

Faith giggled and nodded, her smile brightening. "That's what I thought! But tonight, the girl will be choosing her man."

She bent low and ripped a shred of her dress from her skirts and walked behind me; I tried my best to act like I knew what was happening.

Faith casually slid the cloth over my eyes and tied it behind my head, the fabric acting as a blindfold of sorts. I immiediatley swallowed in nervousness, not liking that I couldn't see where I was going.

"Now everyone must be silent so the fair maiden can focus on the luck fella'!"

I raised my hands and brushed through my hair nervously before Faith gave me a soft shove towards where I gueesed the men stood.

I held out my hands, palms forward and began to walk forward. My hands first made contact with a lot of course hair first, my fingers twinsting within the food filled strands and I had to supress a grimace.

I pulled my hands away and continued to wander around, my hands pressing against cheeks and noses, along with fingers threading through hair and my body running into tables. I was ready to cry when I finally hit a hard chest, my hands making contact with what I felt was an abdomen and my forehead colliding with a collarbone. I sighed in resignation and felt around for a hand. I was so tired of this... I didn't even care who this was, but he was the one I was picking.

When I finally made contact, I wrapped my fingers through his and raised his hand. A chorus of groans and celebrations resounded and I forced a seductive smile onto my lips.

"The lady 'as chosen!" Faith called, her voice taking on a concerned sound. Oh no... What had I done wrong?

I pulled my blind hold from over my eyes and saw the man who stood in front of me. My first thought was a silent prayer to the gods. Here in front of me stood a handsome man. But not just handsome. No, he looked very close to Cayden, only small differences making out on his face. His hair was more of a brown rather than a black and his eyes were not as vibrant of a blue, but more of a grey. He wasn't as tall either, but he was still quite fit and his sudden smirk set him far from Cayden almost automatically. Cayden didn't really smile.

He flicked his eyes down to our joined hands and raised an easy eyebrow. "Gonna take me somewhere love?"

I swallowed once more and forced a smile, my hand tightening inside his. "You bet."

Faith gestured us over, her own hand filled with a barbarians, his mustache curled at the edges. I pulled the man after me while seductively swaying my hips, feeling his eyes trail my body from behind.

When we reached Faith she looked to both men with a grin. "You, stay in room seven, you room fourteen. We'll be right up."

The one I had picked looked back at me with another smirk before disappearing up the stairs behind the fat barbarian, his little legs struggling to get him up the stairs quick enough.

Once they were out of sight, Faith dragged me to a hallway, her hand clasping mine. "Good job in there. But it's not over, you need to distract the one you picked just until I can get to you and then we'll take care of it together. I promise I have a reason for all of this, just trust me and I'll explain a little later alright?"

I glanced at the long and wooden hallway, lamps lighting the passageways with their warm flame. Similar to the fire in my blood.

I nodded for what felt like the thousandth time that night and gave her hand a squeeze before we departed in separate directions, me headed for fourteen while she headed for seven.

When I had finally reached the door, I took a deep breath, before stepping in wearily. My back was straightened and my breath was held in my chest.

Just a distraction. Until Faith got here... Just a distraction...

I closed the door behind me with my hands before stepping in slowly. The room was made up of a quaint master bed along with a desk running along the opposite wall and a small bathroom.

I was admiring the lamps along the walls when I was suddenly slammed against the wall, my back  pressing heavily against the door behind me and my arms trapping themselves between the man's body and the door.

"Such a smart little thing...if only I were going to get a real whore tonight."


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