How to write a succesful book:)

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Sorry, this isn't an update.

If you want to write a book that gets a lot of reads, keep reading!!

Ok here it goes:

Before writing a book, make sure you brainstorm. You don't want to start writing it and then you get writer's block and never end up finishing it. You also don't want it to be confusing or hard to read/understand. You want it to be an amazing book that people enjoy reading.

Now what do I mean by brainstorming? Well first, pick a genre that you want your book to be categorized in; for example Romance.This means that your book must involve Romance. Don't categorize your book under the genre Romance if there's no Romance in your book. Next pick a plot. Try not to make it cliche!!!! If you're really stuck, search up some ideas online!! Next establish your setting, character(s), plot, conflict, and resolution. It's alright if you want to change them later, but make sure you have a general idea!!  The next most important thing is to establish your point of view and tense. This means do you want your book to be narrated, have one point or view, or many? If you do many, try not to make it confusing!!! Also your tense! Do you want your story written in past tense or present tense? If it's in past tense make sure you don't switch back and forth from present tense. Same vice versa. This can cause confusion!!

Now another important thing to keep in mind when writing a book is originality!!!! Make your story unique!! It could be your regular "I have a human for a mate" story but give it a twist!! For example: my character Leilani was a "human" who was found on the doorstep of a house belonging to a werewolf pack. Now what makes my story unique? Well she was born with white hair. Not something you read in your regular werewolf story. To make it even more unique, she's dark skinned. Anyways, a lot of people hate cliche stories, but if you can give it a twist, they might just read and enjoy your book!

Another thing is your updating schedule. If you decide to write your book first and then publish it, this doesn't apply to you. But if you do plan on writing as you go, figure out when you want to update your book. Whether it's everyday, every other day, once a week, etc. Make sure you're not too busy and completely forget to update it. The majority of us go to school and school can be pretty hectic. Especially if you're in high school, university, or college. But if you start writing it, you need to make time to work on it and complete it. (This literally applies to me 😬)

Another thing is your book cover and summary. Make sure your book cover is easy to understand, has a visible title, and grabs people's attention. If your book has a boring cover, it's likely no one will click on it. Your summary needs to be clear and straight to the point. It's up to you if you want it to be an actual summary or a couple of lines from your book.

Make sure your username is not too difficult or complicated and try replying to your readers comments! Don't be too annoying! Don't beg for shoutouts or promote yourself on other people's stories. If your book is really good, people will read it. Just be patient.

Final Tips:

- Give it a simple title
- Don't have too many characters
- Give your characters unique names and meanings that work well with your book
- Have diversity with your characters
- Have a minimalist book cover
- Have a simple but interesting summary
- Before writing, read successful books with the same genre as yours and take note!
- Don't publish your book all in one (this allows readers to be excited when you update and anxious for the next update)
- Use cliffhangers!!!!
- Work on one book at a time!
- Don't ask for shoutouts!!!
- Leave some questions unanswered (origin of character, foreshadowing hints, etc)
- Include realistic events (ex: death of a character)
- Take constructive criticism (grammar/punctuation)
- Don't let the haters get to you!!!
- Allow readers to use their imaginations!
- Don't provide pictures/celebrities for ALL of your characters ( I sorta did this😬)
- Organize your chapters easily (complicated titles can make it confusing)
- Never copy another writer's idea without giving it your own twist
- It's good to keep going back and editing chapters
- Make sure you officially edit your book when it's finally completed
- Make sure all your tags apply to your story
- Have fun with your creative thinking and get inspo from music, other books, art, nature walks, etc.

If you have any questions, whether it be about my book Leilani, or need a bit of help writing your own book, comment and don't be afraid to dm me!!!

Love you all very much and I'm very excited for what Leilani has in store:)

*Also I am not the best writer:/ These are just things I kept in mind and tried following before writing Leilani. I still don't quite understand how Leilani has so many views 🤪 but ty:)*

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