Chapter 4: Alastor Joins The Club

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You were looking at Vaggie with a bored facial expression while she told you about Alastor's 'backstory' or 'legend' or whatever. You really didn't give a single fuck about this radio fucker.  Wow, he toppled overlords. Wow, he's a mortal soul like me. Wow, he's a cannibal. WOW, HE LITERALLY FUCKING SOUNDS LIKE THE 1920'S. How do you sound like a timeline you ask? Go ask Alastor. You thought as you stopped listening to Vaggie and stared at Alastor and Charlie. Charlie seemed confused as Alastor was going on and on about his past life/ memories.

(30 Minutes Later)

Alastor and Charlie were talking.




Vaggie and Angel were 'talking'




While you decided to keep your mouth shut and just read a random fashion magazine that randomly flew out of nowhere (literally). Ooo, that striped hoodie looks pretty cool! You thought as you thought of a pair of jeans that were in your closet that would go perfectly with it. Just as you were about to ask Angel for some money, Charlie started talking.

"Alright guys, listen up."

She said pointing her thumb to her back were Alastor stood.

"Alastor here has decided to help us in our little rehabilitation mission. Ooo, that rhymed!"

"He will be given an office and he will be in charge of some of the paperwork and deals, got it?"

Charlie finished her speech and intertwined her hands together in front of her and tilted her head slightly to the side. You decided to speak up.

"Why exactly is he wanting to-"

Alastor decided to cut (Y/N) off and say,

"Why, dear, I believe that hell can, in fact, change."

You glared at him for interrupting you and just as you were about to speak again Charlie CUT YOU OFF.

"It's settled then, Alastor is joining the team!"

"Ey Al, can I call ya' Strawberry Pimp?"

"Don't, call me Al."

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