48: The Luckiest Boy in San Francisco

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This chapter has a bit of an awkward ending, but I couldn't figure out how to end it 😂
It's around 1300 words so I hope that helps make up for the ending!!

Thank you for reading :)

Please feel free to comment anything you want to see happen in the story!! I'll give credit at the start of the chapter if I use your idea :)



"Wessy.." Scott sighed, sitting back and shaking his head in defeat as our toddler just stared at him with wide eyes. "You have to eat your lunch, buddy,"
"No daddy!" He chirped back, sliding off of the chair and running into the livingroom. I just shook my head and assured Scott that Wes was just acting out to get Scott to play with him, earning a heavy sigh from the blonde.
"You okay?" I asked when I saw him take his head into his hands.
"I don't know. I— everything was going so well, and then she shows up again," he shook his head. "I just want to be happy,"
"Baby.." I sighed and set down the bottle I was making for Arden. I wrapped my arms around Scott and kissed his temple, his forehead resting against my shoulder as he sniffled. "I know this last year has been a literal rollercoaster for you, but please don't feel like you have to be happy. It's okay to be sad sometimes,"
"I— I know. I just— I hate the thought of not being happy with such a beautiful family,"
"It's okay, love. Everyone has their up and down days. What's most important is that we talk and give ourselves the opportunity to heal and grow,"
He nodded, "I— why did she have to show up now? It's like she knew I was happy and had to come ruin it,"
"You know it's true," he said in a soft and broken voice. Scott was obviously exhausted- mentally and emotionally-, and it didn't take long to catch on to his growing sadness; no matter how hard he tried to push it down. "She does a great job at showing up and ruining everything when I'm happy. I'm a dad now.. I can't have stuff like this coming in and hurting us. I dealt with this in highschool but I refuse to deal with it now,"
"I think we just need a little break," I pulled back and tucked his hair behind his ears. "A trip to the beach, or something, could help us all calm down a bit,"
"We can't just go to the beach whenever we want, Mitch. I have school and work and we have two kids now- this isn't some movie,"
"Says who? You have weekends off, Scott. What's stopping us from taking a few days off?"
He shrugged again, sitting back and glancing back towards where Wesley ran off to. We could hear our toddler playing with his dog, so we decided to let him skip this meal and get his energy out.
After a few minutes of silence, Scott nodded and looked my way again, "You're right; I do need a break from everything. Especially with finals coming up— that final project is going to kick my ass.. do you want to go to the beach this weekend? Just us and the kids?"
I nodded, "I'll text Kirstie and ask her to house and puppy-sit for us,"
"Sounds good," he stood from his chair, "I'm gonna go take a nap,"
I leaned over and kissed his forehead, tucking his hair back once more. "You go relax, lovely. I'll take care of the babies,"
"You sure?"
I nodded, "positive. You deserve some time alone,"
"You're the absolute best, Mitch Grassi." He mumbled before disappearing down the hall, closing our bedroom door behind him.
I felt so bad about Scott being thrown back into this mix. High school was a hard time for him because he always seemed to be struggling at home, and I remembered how happy he got when he got accepted into a school across the country and had the ability to move away from his mother.
He was so happy to get some space and the only time I've ever seen him happier than that, was when he saw Arden for the first time, and when we found out Wesley was his son. Aside from that, Scott's smile never really reached his eyes and it broke my heart to see him so upset. All I wanted was to keep my babies safe, happy and healthy; and even though he was older than me, Scott was included in that.
Hell, if I had the option, I would tell his mother that. I would make her apologize- for real- and I would demand she leave him alone.

Shaking my head, I walked into the livingroom and picked Wesley up. We sat on the couch and with his dog by our feet, we watched one of his favorite movies until Arden woke up and demanded my attention.
"Daddy?" I looked back as Wesley saw me pick Arden up out of the small rocker we had her in.
"Yes, Handsome?"
"Daddy sad?"
"No, I'm not sad, baby. Just.." I sighed and sat back on the couch. I fed Arden while my toddler and I talked; his bright brown eyes watching her intently and making sure she was okay. "Just adult stuff," I assured him when he looked up at me again. "Don't you worry, love," I smoothed his hair down, "it'll be okay,"
He nodded, sitting next to me with his back against the couch. Wesley copied my position and brought his knees up, holding his stuffed bear against his legs the same way I had Arden propped up so she could drink from her bottle. "The adult stuff sucks." He sighed, causing me to smile. He still couldn't pronounce his S's, so his 'stuff sucks' sounded like 'thuff thuckth' and it took everything in me not to laugh. His little lisp was the cutest thing ever.
"It really does. But do you know what doesn't suck?"
"You as a big brother," he smiled and I wrapped my arm around him and stretched my legs out and adjusted Arden so she was laying on my legs, her upper half propped up with her feeding pillow as she continued to drink her bottle of milk.
"Really?" Wesley asked, looking up at me. "Good?"
I nodded, "very good. Your dad and I are so proud of you, Wesley," I told him, even though he only knew proud as a word Scott and I often used towards him in a positive manner. He didn't understand the meaning behind the word, but it was still important to let him know. "Do you know what that means?"
"Yeah!" He chirped, "happy!"
I smiled and nodded, tucking his hair away from his eyes. "Yes buddy, it means happy. You are so smart,"
"I know!"
I chuckled, "why don't you go grab your toys from the doctors? We can take your brace off and practice some catch?" He nodded and while he was in his room, I looked down at the baby on my lap. Her eyes shone up at me when I set her bottle aside and wiped her little lip. "You are so beautiful, Arden," I told her, admiring how much she looked like Scott and Wesley.
I still had trouble believing that this was my life now. Not only do I have an incredible baby boy, but now I'm with Scott again and we have a beautiful daughter and are literally living in our dream home. This was something I never thought I'd be able to say, let alone have.
I truly am the luckiest boy in San Francisco.


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