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Still jungkook's pov

I woke up when i heard someone snobbing i turn to hyerim whos crying

I tap her cheeks until i see her open and her tears falls down

"Hey..whats wrong?"i said in a soft tone and she hug me and cry so i pattend her back"tell me whats wrong" i said and she broke the hug

"I dream about u-us...and in that dream y-you left me bc i-i wasn't e-enough"hy erim said and she cried harder"hey..im not going to leave you im going to stay by your side..so nothing to worry about okay.."i said  and i kissed her forhead

And i wiped her tears with my thumb

"Promise!"hyerim said that made me laugh a little"i promise..now go to sleep"i said and we both lay down in bed"i love you jungkook"hyerim said
"I love you too hyerim"i said and i hug her and we both Sleep


Hyerim's pov

I woke up bc i feel someone looking at me so i opend my eyes it was jungkook
"What do you thing your doing?"i said to him"just looking at your beautiful face"jungkook said so punch him playfuly in his arm

"Stop saying cheesy things!"i said to him and i pinch his cheecks and quickly   get up and went to the bathroom

"Please be faster!"jungkook shout from the other side of the door"yes!"i shout back and started to do my morning routine

After i did my morning routine i went out and out of the room and went down stairs and started to look for jin

"Jin Oppa!where are you?!"i shout an i went to his room"oppa?"i said in low voice and i turn on the lights

His room light up


Okay..everybody im here updating this story

Story if its late im in grandparents house so yea

Don't worry guys nothing happened to jin oppa theres no bloody thing happend

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