Dare 10,11,12 and ask 3 & 4

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Mariko:*she stay bored on the couch*I'mmmmmmm booooored!

Mariko:*moves her hands through the air and makes the water in a vase levitate through the air. Mariko makes different shapes out of the water and plays with it*

[Mariko's mom was a god,Mariko's dad was a human.Mariko is a half-god,so she can die when she is old.Mariko have a half-moon necklace how help her to control her powers better.Mariko's necklace shines in the color of the emotion she has{blue=sad.red=mad.pink=shy.green=happy.white=neutral.black=broke,very depressed}Mariko can make the necklace inactive when she pulls it out of her neck.The necklace it's indestructible. But it will break when the owner dies.The other Mariko's brothers also have necklaces, the colors of the necklaces are an element{red=fire.blue= water,green= nature,white=have more elements because the white color is made of all colors(So Mariko's necklace have more powers because is white.But Mariko it's not invincible. She gets weak when it's close to a rock named Angat that cancels its powers.Mariko's powers are:can be transformed into an animal,can talk to the animals,can make force fields,can make white platforms whenever she wants,can only stay in a T-shirt and shorts one hour at very low temperatures until it feels cold,she have the power of  telekinesis.Sorry if you get bored, but I had to explain this thing.Shu and Red eye have powers too but don't know hot to use them.If you not like Mariko for who she is you can leave this book.]

Misty:*get in the room*Mariko!

Mariko:Aaaaaa!*make the water fell on her*


Mariko:*sigh*Is ok.But why you yell?You you scared me.*make the water get out of her hair and clothes and makes the water fly back into the vase*

Misty:*jump up and down*We have dares!

Mariko:*her eyes fille with joy*Yes!

All:We are sooooooo dead!T^T

Mariko:*smile*Yes you are!Now the dares!

Misty:Ok!The first is from Absol_and_Wolfy!

Mariko*smirk at Fubuki*Nice!Good job Absol_and_Wolfy!

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Mariko*smirk at Fubuki*Nice!Good job Absol_and_Wolfy!

Fubuki:W-What!?I can't!Valt-kun gonna kill me!T^T

Suou:*hug Fubuki*I'm not leting Fubuki do this!


Suou:*hug Fubuki more*NO!


Mariko:*was about to go off of the room to get her sword but Misty stop her*

Misty:*take Mariko's hand*Mariko!Wait!

Mariko:*look mad at Misty*What!

Misty:*Look at Suou*Let me try!

Mariko:-_____- Misty.No.

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