Sorry, I'm All Tied Up

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The knife in Calla's hand shined under the lights of the front hall. Six out of seven brothers stood before her, plus the man that she wished to cut into like a holiday ham was front and center. No one protected him but they all wanted to know how the hell he could have done what she finally remembered. How he could have helped the abductor take her that night. 

"You will explain yourself, or I will let the knife explain the story for you!" Calla shouted and even Jacob who heard the noise and ran out of his room was watching from the staircase with the rest of the brothers at the bottom trying to figure out what to do with Calla who probably wouldn't listen to anyone but Gus, who seemed to be frozen with fear. They didn't blame him, but they weren't sticking up for him either. Then Chester and Jacob got involved. 

"Calla, you can't just stick a knife at someone and expect to get the truth from them!" Chester shouted at her while Jacob moved off the staircase to see what was really going on. He didn't ask anyone around him what Calla was up to, he just went along with Chester. 

"Chester is right, Calla, put the knife down and we can talk about this like civilized people." Jacob's tone may have been calmer than Chester's but that didn't make Calla feel any better, in fact, she raised the knife higher when they started walking toward her past Gus. Charlie saw this and quickly walked past Jacob and Chester to stand in between them and the knife now that all three of them were in front of Gus, who was still frozen with fear. 

"Calla, I know you're hearing a lot of different things, you have a right to hold that knife. You have a right to be angry, it's because of him that you were taken that night and we all know it. Just because you may have been drunk that night, doesn't give him the right to take you off the street, I know Gus isn't the one that took you, but I also know that it would have been drastically different if he hadn't been there." The other brothers believed Charlie to be completely and utterly insane, but then Joe and Ricky realized what he was doing. 

"Trust Charlie, Calla, we all know Gus set you up, but a knife can't be the answer." Ricky started. "What if we tied him to a chair and let you ask the questions? You'll be completely in control," Joe picked up on what Ricky and Charlie both wanted her to do and tried to get her to lower the knife. Chester and Jacob just stood there wondering what the hell was really going on and if their brothers were somehow in on this whole scheme they seem to be running. 

Calla seemed to process their idea, and while the knife was lowering slowly, Charlie turned around and grabbed Gus by the collar to take him into the kitchen. 

"Joe, grab a thing of rope from the shed out back, the stuff I use to tie up the tomato fences, it's the toughest stuff we have." Joe ran off to the outside shed and with the quickest feet, any of them have ever seen and was back by the time they got Gus unfrozen and into a kitchen table chair. The second Joe came running into the kitchen, Calla snatched the rope from him and in turn, dropped the knife on the table. 

"Calla, why don't you let us do the rope?" Charlie calmly asked her and while she was already looping the chair with the rope, it wasn't sticking like it would if she was to tie the end of it to one of the bars on the kitchen table chair. But she was so frantic that she didn't realize she hadn't done that. 

She looked from left to right and saw that the rope wasn't sticking as it should. She reluctantly gave up on the rope but grabbed the knife again instead. She watched while she leaned on the kitchen table. The knife almost gleamed in the light of the overhead fluorescence. Everyone, aside from Charlie and Danny, was on edge with Calla holding the knife again. But once Gus was tied to the chair and Charlie stood back to admire his work, Calla seemed to relax a little more than before. She leaned further onto the table and the knife slowly lowered onto her lap instead of poking in the air. 

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