Legend of the Dark Knight: 💎The Beginning..

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Bruce and Tony are now on a boat

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Bruce and Tony are now on a boat. "This had better be worth it Brother." Tony said walking up and down. "No one said you had to come." Bruce said. "I know, but in Gotham, I would not get the necessary training to help you." Tony said. "I don't need help." Bruce said. "Oh yeah ya do." Tony said with a sigh.. OMG the boys are going to the Mountain. Say hi to Nyssa, and Talia for us guys........ Ha ha ha ha ha.

Five years later

"Thanks again Holly." Jade said smiling at Selina's friend. "When are you two going to go strait?" Holly asked. "We are almost." Selina said smiling. "Yeah we do the thing with the homeless kids, and animals. This is just for fun." Jade said giggling. "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy." Three four year old's ran out of the bathroom. "We brushed our teeth,"Amy Quinzel said. "Tops, backs and bottoms." Helena Kyle said with a grin. "And you Missy?" Jade asked. The other girl. "All of em." Lucy Quinn said opening her mouth so Jade could see. Lucy giggled, sounding just like her Mother Harley. "Now you girls know the drill. Behave for Aunty Holly." Selina said kissing each one.. Awe so sweet. Jade kissed the girls and they were off. Where ya going girls?? Dressed like ya are, it don't take much to work that out... Have fun girls..

"Hello ladies."Alfred said to them as they stood on the rooftops ready to run. "Alfred, what brings you out this hour of the night?" Jade asked. Selina still did not talk to him much. Jade told her it was not Alfred's fault Bruce and Tony left. But Selina wanted nothing to do with him anyway.. "It seems to be the only time I can catch you two." Alfred said. "What ya been talking to Bruce again about the girls?" Selina asked. "No the boys have no idea about their daughters. So I have taken it upon myself to enroll them in Gotham Academy. Master Bruce would want that." Alfred said. "I;m sure he would." Selina said right before she jumped.. "I'll talk with her. Thanks Alfred." Jade said. "Oh by the way Miss Quinzel, is your sisters girl still with you?" He asked. "Yep, she will be going to Gotham Academy too Alfred. Want to make something of it??" Jade asked. Alfred did not speak. "You take care out there Miss Quinzel." Alfred said. "I will, but ya know ya can call me Jade if ya want." Jade said jumping down to Selina. "Never Miss Quinzel." he said watching her as she slid down to the next building..

Five years later

OMG it is so funny, Jim has a grub in his top lip.. Mayor James is back too. Oh the good old days of Gotham... They are talking about Penguin getting out of Black Gate. There is terror among the people again. Downtown people have heard growling. Could be Killer Croc, he is after all is Beautiful.. Harvey and Jim think it could be The Penguin. What Jimbo is resigning. He is finally giving in to Lee.. Ha ha ha ha.. Mayor James cons Jim into staying until after Wayne Tower is reopened..

Jim is off to see Barbara, who is now a big business tycoon. She is building a tower to rival Wayne tower. She is also a red head. Super cool Barbara. "Hi Slugger." Jim said to Barbara Lee, she looks good too. Grown up real nice. "Hi Daddy." She said running to hm. "Now be good Munchkin." Barbara said to her. "Munchkin?" Rachel asked as she does again and again when Barbara calls her that. "I know lame right." Barbara Lee said giggling with Rachel. "You coming over for dinner?" Jim asked Rachel. "To share a meal with you Lee and Ashley? You bet." Rachel said laughing. On ya Rachel.. That night after dinner

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