Legend of the Dark Knight: They Did What?

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We see people coming from everywhere, descending on the GCPD for safe haven

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We see people coming from everywhere, descending on the GCPD for safe haven. Inside Jim is chatting with Harvey and Lusis. "I need to get a message to Barbara at the club. Nyssa is coming for her." Jim said. I think she knows Jim...

Selina and Bruce with Tony are with Alfred. Jade is sitting watching them. "This is my fault." Bruce said. "No it is not." Selina said. "Yes it is, I sent you on the mission." Bruce said. "Oh for fucks sake. Bruce people have a mind of their own. Not everything is your fault. You aint that important to Gotham!" Jade said walking out of the room in disgust. "Sorry Bruce, she aint herself lately. I will go talk to her." Tony said leaving with Jade. "We will fight this together Bruce." Selina said, placing her hand on his shoulder. Awe...

Barbara is handcuffed to the banister, while Rachel is tied up on the chase lounge with Nyssa and Baby. Didn't get away Rachel?? They are at city hall now. What did ya do with Lee ya bitch?? "You hurt my baby or Rachel and I will make you just like your Daddy, a pile of ash." Barbara threatened. "Ya know she will do it don't ya." Rachel added. "I know she will try, that is what makes it so funny." Nyssa said smiling. "Soon the green zone will be destroyed. Then I will kill you both." she said smiling as she held the knife Barbara killed Ra's with over the baby. Not nice Nyssa. "I know of a submarine on the doc's it is filled with treasure." Barbara said. "She is not lying." Rachel's said. "I know. Well maybe after this is all over I, will raise her as an al Ghul." Nyssa said looking at the baby she laughed..

The young general is getting his order to destroy the green zone. "No I will not be a party to that." he said. Enter Bane! Takes him out. "Anyone else with a problem?" He asked the GI joe men.. No one spoke. Good choice guys..

Penguin and Ed are at the sub. Penguin can not go. "This is my city Ed, I have to stay and fight." Penguin said. "Oswald, you do not have to stay." Ed said. "I know we are so close to getting away. But I have to stay." Penguin said. "Oswald you know how thinking with your heart gets you." Ed said. "Yes Ed I do. But at least I feel." Penguin said. "You do know I will leave without you. I will take your treasure. I will also take the dog!" Ed said. "I know. I will miss you so much Edward." Penguin said. "I will miss you too Oswald." Ed said. "I don't mean you, I meant the dog!" Penguin said. "Oh." Ed replied. "Now Edward you go with the man in green. You will be safe with him." Penguin said. Penguin shuffled off sniffling. On ya Ed, he is ya best friend!!

"You can relax we are here now." Joker said stepping into the GCPD with Harley on his arm. "What do you want Joker?" Bruce asked now calling him by his nickname. "Not now Bruce." Joker said glaring at him. "We have news for ya." Harley said giggling. "What?" Jim asked. "Ya new baby and well whatever Barbara is to ya now. Are at city hall. Oh they have ya daughter too." Harley said. "Who are they?" Harvey asked. "Not sure, a girl with tails. Not Tigress, I think The Penguin killed her." Joker said smiling. "Nyssa." Jim said. "I'll go." Selina said. Lusis takes Bruce aside. He give him some new tech including a beacon that will turn a plane invisible, but also attract certain animals. He called it his Night Wing tech. Could they be bat's Lusis??

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