Legend of the Dark Knight: I Am Bane

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Edwardo is on the bed, He is awake

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Edwardo is on the bed, He is awake. He still has his super cool mask on. Walker is standing over him. "I am going to give you true purpose." Walker said to him. Does anyone know who the hell she is?? She aint with the cops that's for sure.. "This next bit will be agonizing and .... long. Apologizes in advance." Strange said leaning over him with the same grin Walker has.. What are they going to do with him, Poor Edwardo.. "You will be born again Edwardo, you will be the Bane of Unjust." Walker said. What???

Jim is in his office, Harvey has great news. Today General Wade is arriving. Reunification is about to begin... Oh yeah!!

Bruce and Tony are trying to look important, well Bruce is, Tony is just hanging with Jade, oh and the kids.. "The water is still sitting at .07 well under what is good." Bruce tells Harvey and Jim as they walk out to meet with General Wade. "Tony?" Bruce yells at him. "You had better go, yo after all are the face of Wayne Enterprises." Jade said giggling at him. "You my girl will keep." Tony said kissing her in front of the kids, who all giggle. "I think he likes ya Jade." Ashley said. "Whatever gives you that idea?" Jade said giggling back. As they watched Tony walk away..

Barbara heavily pregnant at this stage. Arrives with Rachel at the doc's. The sub looks good guys, how are ya going to get it to the water?? Ed and Pengie head down the stairs that sit next to the sub. Ed is all over the girls about their luggage. They argue. "OH! Ahr! Oh!" Barbara yells. "Mummy?" Rachel yells. "Oh look you are about to have the baby. You should go to the hospital now." Penguin said. "Unless of course you want me to drive you?" he said with a grin. "I can do it." Rachel said thinking of her Mother not wanting Penguin there. Penguin and Ed stand there waving as they drive off. "That was nice of you Penguin, to ask to drive Barbara to the hospital." Ed said. "Are we prepped and ready to launch?" Penguin asked. "I shall start the engines." Ed said. "Well look on the bright side, now we have more room. We have two fewer passengers." Penguin said with a smile. "Well three actually." Ed said with a grin. "Yes true.." Penguin agreed.. Oh my they are just so funny together...

Selina is digging through the dusty Library, she finds the book she is looking for. "Here it is Alfred." She said pulling it from the shelf. They open it to see the blueprints to Wayne Manor. "So this is just like it used to be?" Selina asked. "Yes." Alfred said. "Are you going to re build it the same?" Selina asked. "Well the past is the past. So maybe not. I happen to know Bruce does want to modernize it." Alfred said. "I wish I could demolish my past and start again." Selina said. "But Selina, that past made you what you are today. The girl Bruce idolizes." Alfred said. "Thank you Alfred." Selina said with a smile..

While the General is testing his water, he gets a call from Lee. "Barbara is here now having the baby." Lee said. "I will get there as soon as I can." Jim said. "I love you Jim." Lee said so Barbara could hear. Don't think she cares right now Lee, she is in a lot of PAIN!!

"The test is fine, we can begin reunification." Wade said. Jim is one happy man, he now gets to go see his baby being born. But alas this is Gotham, Jim Wade, Bruce, and Tony are taken. Jade runs from the building calling his name.. "Tony!!!!" She yells.. Of course Harvey's excuse for everything is to shoot. "So did ya kill the truck Harvey?" Jade asked in disgust..

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