Legend of the Dark Knight: The Trial of Jim Gordon

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Harvey is revving up the troops. While Jim and Lee argue about him being so stupid to think that he ig going to be the Hero that will save Gotham. We think there is more to it.. So does Rachel and Ashley,who have been watching. "Do ya think Lee is a little upset that ya Mum is going to have another baby with Jim?" Ashley asked. "Could be, could also be Dad is going into a most dangerous situation too." Rachel said with a smile. As jim is about to leave, they run to him. "Bye Daddy, you take care. We love you." Rachel said smiling at Lee. Yeah Lee they are a package deal.

Barbara is with Penguin, he is hosting the Gang meeting for Jim. Aint that nice of him. "Where the hell is Nygma? Why has he not got that thing up and running. I am running out of patience." Barbara snapped at him. "It takes time to build, alone." Penguin said. "Why the urgency?" He asked. "I in case you have not noticed, am a walking egg timer." Barbara snapped back at him. Penguin smiled.. "Ah here he is the man himself. James Gordon." Penguin said with a huge smile. Jim enters the room like a rock god, Harvey and his men all around. Jim prattles on about the gangs making peace. The government will not help a war zone. As they gangs are about to make a decision, Jim Gordon is shot!!!! What the hero Dead????

Bruce and Selina enter some huge random house. "What made ya chose this for a scavenger hunt." Selina asked as she wandered into the room. Bruce has a huge table set, with candles too.. Music is playing, Bruce holds out the chair for Selina. "Ya know if I didn't know better, I would say this was a date ." Selina teased him. "If it was?" Bruce replied. "Would that be OK?" He asked. Selina smiled as she sat. Bruce passes her a can of food. "The best the GCPD store has to offer." Bruce said to her with a grin. "Is it not always when you are out with The Bruce Wayne?" Selina asked with a huge grin. Aww aint it sweet, they are on a date....

Jade on the other hand is at the GCPD. She has finally caught up with Ashley. Not ya finest hour Jade. "So you are the reason my parents died!" Ashley ripped into Jade. "Look kid I know we are related, but that don't give you the right to attack me." Jade said, even though she knew it was true. "Yes it does, My mum and Dad could, no would be alive today if not for you!" Ashley said in anger. "Look kid, if ya want me to apologize for running away from that orphanage, then think again." Jade said. "Well just so ya know, I ain't living with you and him." Ashley said pointing to Tony. Jade looked across at Tony. She smiled at Ashley. "Ya know kid, I ain't living with him right now either. But you are staying with my other family." Jade said. "But she will one day. We will get married." Tony said smiling at Ashley. "Oh goodie, can I be flower girl?" She asked laughing. "I don't know, where were we with ya Mum and Dad?" Jade asked. "Oh they are gone now, not to be forgotten. So I forgive ya. Only if I can be the flower girl?" Ashley asked. "Alright then deal." Jade said laughing. "Hey kid, if your Mum and Dad knew where we were. Does that mean Delia, Maggie, and Barry knew too?" Jade asked suddenly thinking of them. "Yeah but they are arse hole's. Ya got the best of the family when ya got me." Ashley said giggling. "You have had a lot of time to think on that haven't ya?" Jade asked. "Yep. When I met Harley I knew." Ashley said giggling with Jade..

Lee is the only doctor in Gotham at the moment, she has to operate on Jim. "Daddy!" Rachel calls running to him. Jade who has been well just being annoying runs to her side. "Come I will wait with you. He is in the best ever hands." Jade said taking the two girls off to the back of the GCPD. While Tony who had been lazing around with Jade laughing about Bruce and Selina on a date, run into the M.E. room with Lee. "The bullet shattered against the rib. Stay with me Jim." Lee said going into clinical mode. "Tell me what to do Lee." Tony said. He likes to help don't he??

Jim is on Trial, in his dreams... The funniest thing is that he is on trail by Jim Gordon... He is just so funny....

Back to our romantic couple. "Ya know if this is a date, I don't know how you are going to top it, when we get back to normal?" Selina asked with a laugh. Bruce who is now back to being his broody self, is looking into the fire. "Is there ever going to be normal again Selina?" Bruce asked. "Well I for one would like to think so." Selina said. "I don't know. So much has happened here. Because of me." Bruce said. "What Jeremiah?" Selina asked. "Ra's, and Galavan too." Bruce said. "Oh come on Bruce, it's not all about you ." Selina began to say. "Ya know I have to agree with you Billionaire Boy." Ivy said as she crashed their date. Ivy, ya are back!! Ivy ya have to go see Jade!! Ivy can ya help Harley, and Joker?? Ivy we love ya!!!

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