Legend of the Dark Knight: 13 Stitches

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Jim is running down the street

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Jim is running down the street. Ed is chasing him at breakneck speed. Run Jim, run for ya life! Shots are fired. Watch out Jim Ed has a gun! "Your chances of survival are astronomically low James. If you continue to run. It would be ill advised James." Ed continued as he played cat and mouse with Jim. "Well well well what do we have here Harley?" Joker asked with a laugh. "Looks like Riddle man has turned against the cop." Harley said with a giggle. The two stood watching with amusement as Jim made his way into an abandoned ambulance. Ed finds him almost immediately. Ed shoots at Jim, Jim shocks Ed. Jim is the winner. We knew he would be, on ya James Gordon.

Penguin and his Dog Edward, are making their way through the now empty mayor's house. Even Olga has finally defected. The dog makes his way to Penguins secret hideout. He finds a girl there singing a little song. "Pretty, Pretty." She chants as she looks through Penguin's treasures. I guess she likes shiny things.. As she spins around she sees Penguin. "Oh you are a handsome devil, what's your name?" She asked. She is dressed in black with black and white feathers around her collar. She has on a white shiny wig, and white face with black line across the cheek. "Oswald Cobblepot." he replied without a thought. "What are you doing here?Oswald asked. "I was on a job, followed them back here. Saw you Bang Bang." She said with a smile. She then showed Penguin the huge diamond she held in her hand. Oh bet Selina would like that.. Penguin then pulls gun on her. "So tell me was it worth it?" Penguin asked. The girl holds two Diamonds, one in each hand. "I call this one Charlotte." She said throwing it at Penguin. "Bang, Bang." She said running off. "Bye bye." She sang to him as she ran. I like her, she reminds me of a black and white Harley.. "What the Hell was that?" Penguin asked as the diamond she threw at him exploded in his hand..

Ed is awake, he is tied up with silver tape. I think they had a sale on that before the bridges blew.. "I did not do it. I do not remember it." Ed said to Jim. They talk decided the need to take the chip out of his head..

Bruce is at the GCPD. He is looking around with suspicion. "Something is not right is it Bruce?" Tony asked. "Yes. Gotham needs food, these men are on a mission." Bruce said watching them. "Ah boys how did it go with the girls?" Alfred asked as he did this he sees some of the GI Joe's tattoo's. Ya know I hate to say it boys, but they don't look like help. They look like mercenaries." Alfred said. "Ah hello, where is Jim Gordon?"Bruce asked. "And his friend Edwardo?" Tony asked. "Not here, but if you lot are hiding them?" The man said. "You have us mistaken. We are on your side." Alfred said. "Put these boys out the back." He demanded of his men. Of course Alfred, Bruce and Tony got away. Can't lock up the b man boys...

Meanwhile Ed and Jim end up at Barbara's Club. "Hi ya all." Harley said bonding into the room. Joker on her heels. "What are you two doing here?" Barbara asked. "Well we seen the cop here running for his life, with Riddle man chasing him.. I think an ambulance was involved, then a short time later we see, the cop, with Riddle man on the move together. Ended up here. Harley burst in yelling Hi." Joker said with a laugh. "She looks a lot like me." Ashley said. "We will talk later about that. Come I think it is time we went to get a drink." Rachel said talking Ashley out of the room. Harley smiles and waves to Ashley. Jim argues with Barbara and Ed, he doesn't trust them. Well I guess ya have no choice but to love. "I guess I asked for that." Barbara said. "Ya know you could be on to something there cop, I don't trust the Riddle man." Joker said. "You know Jim the first place one would go to a familiar place. Didn't think you would be that easy to catch." Edwardo said. What the, why is he here? "Look, Mr J, a real life GI Joe, can I have one?" Harley asked giggling. "Who or what are you?" Edwardo said pulling his gun on Harley. Joker looked across at him, his face splitting into a grin. Ed who has been watching goes for the knife. From behind the bar. "Now it is time for you to die James Gordon." Ed said holding the knife over him. Edwardo took his eyes off of Harley. Ed then throws the knife at one of Edwardo's men. Got him in the head, nice Ed. Batter Up!" Harley yells as she bashed Edwardo over the head with her baseball bat. Edwardo down, gang run!!!!

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