Legend of the Dark Knight: Pena Dura

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Man is sitting having old movie night

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Man is sitting having old movie night. Jim bursts in, holds a gun to his head. "You sold the R,P,G, that blew up Haven." Jim stated. "So Arrest me." The man said. Shit will ya look at that, G I Joe just dropped from the ceiling... Jim i in shock. But he regains his composure very quickly. "Who did you sell it to?" Jim asked. As he fights with the man. "Who told you I sold it?" The man asked, oh looks like Jim is a cooked goose. But G I Joe to the rescue. They shoot the man on Jim. Woo Hoo.. What the, it is Jim's friend from the army days. Edwardo. Not to be confused with the other Edwardo Flamingo, that tried to kill Jim... Turns out Edwardo here is the help that Walker went. I don't know Jim, he just don't seem right??

Back at GCPD, army man shows Jim, not Edwardo the ledger they found at the movie man's house. Something just not quite right about y new G I Joe friend Jim. Jim is now in the possession of the ledger. "Edward Nygma?" Jim said looking down the list. It seems that Ed is on Edwardo's list. He has a list, is he checking it twice?? Off ya go Jimbo...

Bruce and Tony head for Alfred once they get to the GCPD. "Master Bruce, Tony. It seems Jim has a lead on the Haven bombing's." Alfred said.. "We can not find Selina or Jade." Bruce said. "Yes we have been everywhere in the green zone." Tony said. "We need to find them. You know how they were when we left them the other day?" Bruce said. "Ra's goaded yu into killing him Bruce. You do not know what that medicine from Ivy did to them. It has changed them." Alfred said. "For the better Alfred, for the better." Tony said walking away. "Maybe ya should check the club." Rachel said coming out of nowhere. Ashley is with her giggling. "What's your name?" Tony asked Ashley. "Ashley Quinzel, nice to meet ya." She said holding out her hand. "Nice to meet you too Ashley." Tony said shaking her hand. "I have to find Jade." He said looking at Bruce... I bet ya do Tony... Ha ha ha..

Ed is going slightly mad, he is listening to his little dicta-phone. "It was not me Ed!" He yelled at the mirror. He smashes it mirror. Not good Ed, bad luck... "All those people, children! How could you Ed?" He yelled into the broken mirror. "You killed them not me!" He shouted. "Ed Nygma you are under arrest for the murders at Haven." Jim Gordon and co said. "I can explain!" Ed said spinning around. By now Ed has moved to stand on the seat in front of the bookcase. Edwardo has Ed in his sights. "It's your call Jim." He said. Jim hesitates, he remembers Ed from the GCPD, Ed Nygma his friend.. Well Lee's friend.. By the way where is Lee, if Ed is alive, where is Lee?? "Bring him in," Jim said. "I don't think so." Ed said pulling on a book. The floor beneath Edwardo drops. "Now if you move you will paint the room with your guts. There is an IED under his foot." Ed said with a grin. "I can take hem out now." Edwardo said. "No I think not, I am wired to this device, I go you go. Sorry Jim." Ed said leaving the room with a laugh. We aint, we think it is funny. Let ya mate die Jim... Ha ha ha ha ha...

"Harley have you seen Selina or Jade?" Tony asked her at Joker's club. "Why do ya want them?" Harley asked. "Did they ditch ya?" She asked giggling. "So Brucey Boy, ya slumming it a lot lately." Joker said placing his arm around Harley. "Oh by the way Harley did you know a girl called Ashley Quinzel?" Tony asked like they were not on a mission, but at a family gathering.. "Not that I know of. Ya would have to ask Kitten about that one." Harley's aid giggling. "Do you know where they are?" Bruce asked with his brooding look. "She ditched ya huh?" Joker said laughing. "Come on Tony, we should have known better." Bruce said turning to leave. Joker laughed, Harley giggled. "Try the Sirens club." Harley said with a smile. "Thank you Harley, Joker." Tony said before leaving..

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