Legend of the Dark Knight: Ruin

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Devastation all around as we see the Ruin of Haven

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Devastation all around as we see the Ruin of Haven. Poor teddy he caught fire... People awaken and look around. Penguin is alive, super cool.. Oh no so is Barbara, she has a gun on Penguin. "Mummy?" Barbara faintly hears Rachel at her side. Rachel's eyes look down at Ashley in the dust. Barbara drops her gun. Sadness in her eyes.. But Jimbo is in control, he is barking out orders. "Jim!" Ashley aid running to him to hug him. "Thank God Ashley." Jim said hugging her. Barbara and Rachel turn and walk away. Harvey comes to Jim with a sad face. "Jim one of the officers found this." He said giving him the badge he give Will.. No, No, No Not Will! Come on Gotham!!! Ashley took a look and hugged Jim she began to cry.. Poor girl... Jeremiah you ass!!

Jim is now on the two way, Ashley by his feet. "We have at least 2 dozen missing, 311 dead, and god knows how many injured." Jim said. The girl on the other end offers sympathy, she then tells him there is nothing she can do. Ashley cries again. Jim then has to go and give the people a pep talk... Don't think it worked Jimbo... Even Ashley is crying..

Bruce and Tony are finally free, but they have to fight with Jeremiah's followers. Not much competition really they take them down pretty fast.. "Alfred always said you are never going to save Selina from herself." Tony said. "I know." Bruce said. "But as Jade would say, 'Aint it nice trying' ."Tony said giggling trying to sound like her. "You do it well." Bruce said to his brother as they run off to find the girls..

Jim has found his way to Barbara's. Harvey thinks she did it. Don't think so Harvey, Jeremiah???? "Did you, or do you know who blew up Haven?" Jim asked her. "You really think Mummy would do such a thing Daddy?" Rachel asked him in shock. "Honestly I don't know." Jim said with sadness. "I guess I earned that one." Barbara said taking another drink. "Rachel, could you come and see Ashley when you have the time. She is still very badly shaken." Jim said. "OK, Dad will do." Rachel said smiling as Jim left.. Poor Jim he is a little lost now... "Hey Jim we have a situation here." Harvey said to him over the two way. "On my way Harvey." Jim said. Barbara and Rachel looked at each other. "Police Business." Barbara said with a giggle. Rachel laughed..

Back at the GCPD, Harvey and the few cops he has left, are in a standoff with Penguin. So funny.. "Oswald, What are you doing?" Jim asked. "Well Jim as I see it you are out gunned, out manned, and out of options. " Penguin said with a grin. "So I am here to help Jim. No thanks needed." Penguin said again with his little grin.. Pengie's men give over boxes and boxes of guns and ammo. "Oh and no strings Jim, I want the sicko who did this just as much as you." Penguin said with a grin.. On Ya Pengie, we want to see the end of Jeremiah too..

Ed has just woken up, on the floor with an empty suitcase on the lounge. Strange man this... He has been writing on his hand, he can only make out half of it..

Penguin and Jim are off on a mission looking for a man. A man they think is responsible for the bombing of Haven.. Jim wants to go quietly, Penguin has other ideas, he yells at them with the Bull horn. A single shot rings out. Hits the bull horn.. "We will get you, you vermin!" Penguin yells at him. The man opens fire on them. "We are sitting duck out here, Oh and one Penguin." Harvey said to Jim. "Funny ha ha." Penguin said. Jim asks him to come out. "I don't think so, I'm pretty cosy up here." The voice calls back. Hey don't we know that voice??

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